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  • time 19 - 35 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv or Haifa
  • duration Five Months
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The Placement Process

Once you’ve decided that WUJS is the right program for you, the next step would be to open up an application with us! At first it will ask you for some basic contact information and then it will ask you to put down the $100 application fee. Once this goes in it will open up the rest of the application as well as alert our internship coordinator to get in touch with you and schedule a Skype interview.

During this Skype interview, if you have any specific companies that you’re interested in working with – this would be the time to mention it. From there our internship coordinator will begin putting you in contact with various placement possibilities that are within your chosen field. Being that we are a customized program, we repeat this process until we find you a placement that meet your skills and interests! We recommend getting started with this process as soon as possible as the more time that we have to get to know you and what you’re looking for, the better that your experience is likely to be!

Please note that acceptance to an internship is often dependent on your experience and qualifications. In addition, those who have a good grasp of the Hebrew language will have more options available to them. During this time we also ask that you be responsive as most interaction will be done via email.

All participants are placed in internships in their specific field. These internships range from studios to workshops to museums, and more. In addition participants will work with the WUJS art coordinator who will introduces them to the different aspects of Israeli art like cinema, dance, plastic art, sculpture, design, fashion and more. All participants will be able to present their projects in an art exhibition under the guidance of their coordinator and internship placements.


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