What is IsraelPro?

IsraelPro is an exciting, five-month internship program based in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and now Jerusalem. Whether you’re hoping to get ahead in your career, want to try something new, or looking for an opportunity to dosomething meaningful for yourself, an internship with IsraelPro is your best choice! Our coordinators are passionate about finding the best fit for your interests and skills, enabling you to grow and develop professional skills, gain real career experience, and dive right into one of the most exciting work environments in the world.

IsraelPro interns live in the center of Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem with peers from all around the world, building a close community of friends. The freedom, independence and easygoing IsraelPro atmopshere allow you make the most of your time in Israel. Our caring staff, trips, and activities will connect you to the people, culture, and history.


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Five Months in Israel.
‍Endless Experiences.

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Our Internships

IsraelPro offers some of the best internships in Israel. Our dedicated program placement team will set you up for success with an internship tailored to your skills and goals.

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Explore Israel

At IsraelPro, we don't only want you to intern in Israel - we want you to enjoy living in this incredible country, too! There is so much to see and do in Israel, and our weekly guided trips and activities get you out of your routine and into some of the best places Israel has to offer!

IsraelPro excursions are part of the program cost and can include:

  • The Old City of Jerusalem: Temple Mount, Dome of the Rock, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Jewish Quarter
  • The Galilee: Lake Kineret and the Mystical City of Tzfat
  • The Southern Desert: Bedouin Hospitality, Kibbutz Ketura, Sde Boker, and the Dead Sea
  • Northern Tour: Banias Waterfalls, Grottos at Rosh Hanikra, Lebanon Border and Ancient Akko
  • Tel Aviv Culture Tour: Street Art, Colorful City Markets, and Bauhaus Architecture
  • Colorful Haifa: The Bahai Gardens, Mt. Carmel and Wadi Nisnas Market
hebrew classes

Learn the Language

What sets IsraelPro apart from other internship programs in Israel? Our amazing intensive Hebrew language ulpan program! When you arrive in Israel, you’ll be tested and placed in the right level and start learning Hebrew right away so you can put your new skills to use – in your internship, meeting new people, and while getting around town!

Pricing for IsraelPro

IsraelPro Tel Aviv or Jerusalem
Starting at  
After Masa grant*

*On average, participants receive a Masa grant
between $3,000 and $4,600 depending upon eligibility.

Fully furnished shared apartments
Intensive Hebrew classes
Weekly excursions, trips, and workshops throughout Israel
Local health insurance
City bus pass
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IsraelPro Haifa
Starting at  
After Masa grant*

*On average, participants receive a Masa grant
between $3,000 and $4,600 depending upon eligibility.

Fully furnished shared apartments
Intensive Hebrew classes
Weekly excursions, trips, and workshops throughout Israel
Local health insurance
City bus pass
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Important Information

When Is IsraelPro Fall 2022

The Fall 2022 session of IsraelPro is August 11 - January 3. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is possible all participants will need to complete a government-mandated quarantine upon arrival in Israel.

How Do I Get an Internship?

Our passionate staff works with you to find the perfect internship placement - one that fits your interests, skills, and future career plans.

Is IsraelPro Running Even With Covid-19?

Yes! Keeping you safe is our number one priority, and providing a meaningful, fun, and high-quality experience is our second.

Who is Eligible for IsraelPro?

Jewish young adults age 21 to 35.

Where Will I Live?

Participants can choose to live in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and now Jerusalem!

Is IsraelPro a Masa Program?

We are proud to be a Masa Israel Journey program! That means that all Jewish participants under the age of 30 are eligible to apply for MASA Israel funding, if they have not gone on a Masa Israel program already.

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What Our Alumni Say

Julie Bienik, USA
Spring 2018

"IsraelPro gave me a structural foundation to explore Israel, develop my career and gave us a first-hand experience to see what a strong impact Israel is making in our global community."

Shahni Ben-Haim, USA
Fall 2018

"My experience was full of the learning experiences I hoped to accomplish while on the program. I participated in Ulpan to further my understanding of Hebrew. I absolutely loved my Ulpan teacher and her approach. As I stayed in Israel after the program to make aliyah this was crucial to integrating into everyday Israeli life. I always knew I wanted to live in Israel for at least a year, and doing this program provided the foundation for that journey.

Ilana Goldfeld, Brazil
Spring 2020

"I started my internship in Spring 2020, which was at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like all Israelis, we faced some difficult times including a nationwide lockdown. The staff really put in an effort to ensure the success of the program and of us as participants. The experience on this program was life-changing and it is thanks to this program that I made aliyah to Israel!

Nathan Valabrega, Italy
Fall 2019

"My internship was in a building consultancy office, I was particularly involved in doing thermal and climatic simulations.  I immediately felt comfortable at the company. I learned many new things and my boss was very satisfied with me to the point that at the end of the program they offered me a contract to continue working with them! The program was a great way to approach Israel in a soft way. I already had in mind to do Aliyah and with the experience I had I convinced myself to stay.

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