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  • time 19 - 35 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv or Haifa
  • duration Five Months
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Special Updates Regarding COVID-19

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have been in constant communication with the Ministry of Health, Home Front Command, and other health and education entities responsible for providing oversight and directives. Whatever rules or guidelines any Israeli institution is required to do, Young Judaea follows them. Each new instruction is explained clearly to participants and the staff entrusted with their care.

Thankfully, no Young Judaea participants on any program, including WUJS, have contracted COVID-19. Our early adoption and rigorous adherence to all directives, as well as continual oversight, have been critical in this matter – but so has the cooperation of our participants, who have adapted amazingly to all the new instructions.

Any sick participants would be provided the appropriate accommodations, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health’s guidelines and separated from the rest of the group, but would still be helped and monitored by WUJS staff and the proper medical authorities.

There are no trip providers who can give you a 100% guarantee that their program will run as planned this fall – it would be irresponsible to do so, particularly given the fluidity of the ongoing situation.

With that being said, we believe and are confident that WUJS Fall 2020 will run as planned, perhaps with a few modifications at the beginning of the year.

Yes! We have already had several placements for our current applicants and the rest of our applicants are in interviews. Although the internship placement process might take a bit longer than normal, companies are still just as excited as ever to have interns.

No. At first, we moved all of our programming online. Ulpan and weekly workshops were still a part of the program even if we couldn’t physically meet. Now that restrictions have started lifting, we resumed the weekly trips.

The simple answer is, we are a family! Or rather, two families. The participants in our Haifa and Tel Aviv apartments are a family unit. As such, they can share kitchens and meals, work out together, do activities together, learn together, and have fun together. Outside of the apartments, we abide by all rules and restrictions as they apply to the Israeli public.

While the potential complications of the virus itself are the same around the world, it is true that the situation in Israel has been less severe than the US. Israel has been drawing on its health expertise and technological innovation to drive its response to the threat of COVID-19. While initially the lockdown and quarantine restrictions were some of the toughest in the world, many other countries have looked to Israel as a model for their own response given the overall success of Israeli policies in comparison to others. Due to the strictness at the beginning, we are now starting to see life slowly return to normal in business and social aspects.

Yes! The government is going to allow participants of Masa programs to enter the country if they acquire the Masa Visa before arrival to the country. This means that even if the borders are shut to non-citizens, you will still be allowed to come.

If you need to quarantine when you enter Israel, you will be able to quarantine in your apartment. Young Judaea staff will provide support to you remotely including help with grocery delivery. Your programming will also continue, just move to an online version!

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