Onward Israel

Onward Israel

You’ve been on Birthright Israel or a teen summer program in Israel and gotten a taste of what the country and its people are all about. Now you’re ready for more. Young Judaea is proud to partner with ONWARD Israel to provide you with an immersive and transformative 6-10 week experience in Israel that builds on past trips, and allows you to enhance your resume, too! Give your career a boost with an internship, service learning, and academic courses, as well as educational activities and social activism.


Amirim – Your Summer in Israel

Want to spend your summer doing something meaningful while boosting your career? With two time lengths to choose from, Amirim will help you create the summer experience that you are looking for!

With Amirim, you will spend either one month in Israel volunteering in the community, or two months in Israel interning in your field. You are able to choose your field, where your passion and drive will fuel your work.

Location! Location! Location!

Tel Aviv!

Live in a great Israeli apartment in the city of Tel Aviv with your fellow Amirim participants.

The Simplest, Easiest, and Most Affordable Way To Get Back To Israel!

Amirim offers the perfect blend of structure and freedom to explore Israel on your own while enjoying a rich program itinerary.
Internship options include: marketing, medical and biomedical research, journalism, green energy, environment, fundraising, and more! These options are available for 8 week participants only!

Volunteer options include: working with children, human rights, special needs, animal welfare, co existence, refugee center, and more!

Dates, Tuition, and Location


  • WUJS Intern Fall 2020 Semester: August 12, 2020 – January 4, 2021

Tuition & Location

Tuition for our internship program is based on location and before the Masa scholarship.

Tel Aviv: $7,950

Tel Aviv is Israel’s top cosmopolitan city with no shortage of activities, restaurants, cafes, bars, museums, galleries, theaters and more! You’ll live in beautiful apartments in the vibrant neighborhood of Florentine in South Tel Aviv. A short bus ride from both the beach and the cultural center of town. Take part in the thriving international business and arts environment as well as experience the best nightlife in the Middle East!


Haifa: $5,450

Explore Israel’s northern gem! Haifa is nestled between the Carmel Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. As Israel’s third largest city, Haifa has a thriving, diverse population where cultures from all over the world come together and blossom!


Whether you’re in Tel Aviv or Haifa, you will get a feel for what it’s like to be an Israeli native living like a local in a fully-furnished modern Israeli apartments. All of the apartments are within walking distance from one another and located close to restaurants, stores, bars and nightlife.

There will be two to four bedrooms per apartment with no more than two participants per room. The apartments have beds, mattresses, pillows and blankets. The common space has a sofa, dining room table, chairs and a coffee table. The kitchens are fully equipped with all major appliances, table and chairs, and cutlery and cookware. There will be WIFI access throughout the apartment.

Included in the tuition:
*Fully furnished apartment that you would living in with others on the program
*A bus pass to get you around the city
*Hebrew classes
*Regular trips throughout the country
*Health Insurance

Price does not include: flight, personal expenses, and phone coverage.

Discount: $200 off if you’ve previously attended a Young Judaea camp or went on a YJ Israel program.


Masa Israel: IsraelPro Internships in Tel Aviv and Haifa

Masa Internships Israel IsraelPro

Thinking about an internship in Israel? You’re not alone! Whether you’re hoping to get ahead in your career, want to try something new, or looking for an opportunity to do something meaningful for yourself, doing an internship with IsraelPro is a great choice!

Your experience will include:

  • An internship placement in one of Israel’s top companies, most interesting organizations, or whatever field you choose
  • Weekly tours and excursions throughout Israel – see all the top sites as well as fascinating places off the beaten path
  • Intensive Hebrew learning through our ulpan program
  • Building an incredible community of peers from around the world

Masa internships Israel IsraelPro interns are placed in nearly every field imaginable. Our internship coordinators work with you to find the best fit for your interests and skills. Throughout your  internship in Israel, you will grow and develop professional skills that will serve you for years to come, gaining real career experience and a better understanding of one of the most well-known and successful work environments in the world. By interning in Israel, you’ll build a community of peers and friends, enhancing your time in Israel and allowing you to make the most out of your experience.

Your Internship in Israel

Thanks to our long-time experience arranging internships in Israel, you’ll get unbeatable skills and experience by interning with some of Israel’s most well-known companies, non-profits, and NGOs. Your internship will provide:

  • Hands-on experience in your field of interest
  • Professional connections that will follow you in life
  • A unique addition to your resume
  • First-hand knowledge of Israeli society
  • Lots of opportunities to get to know Israel through trips, tours, and more

A highlight of your Masa internships Israel IsraelPro experience? Living in the center of Tel Aviv or Haifa with peers from all around the world and building a close community of friends. The freedom, independence and easygoing IsraelPro atmopshere allow you make the most of your time in Israel. Our caring staff, trips, and special experience will connect you to the people, culture, and history of Israel.

Trips and Tours

When you’re not busy interning, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in trips, tours, and cultural exchanges around Israel. There’s no better way to help you feel connected to Israeli culture and society. Trips include:

  • Tel Aviv Market Tour
  • Old City of Jerusalem including the Western Wall and Dome of the Rock
  • Hiking in the Negev Desert
  • Meeting marginalized communities in the North
  • Hands-on visits to non-profit organizations making a difference on the ground
  • and much more!

Learning Hebrew

What sets Masa internships Israel IsraelPro apart from other internships in Israel? Our amazing ulpan program! When you arrive in Israel, you’ll be tested and placed in the right level and start learning Hebrew right away so you can put your new skills to use – in your internship, meeting new people, and while getting around town!

Affordable Tuition

Nearly all IsraelPro participants are eligible for a generous grant from Masa, making our experience meaingful AND truly affordable!