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  • time Recent High School Graduates: 17-19 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv-Yafo and Jerusalem
  • duration Nine Months
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Road Trip with the Rabbi

Enjoy an amazingly exuberant Simchat Torah in Tsfat with awesome dancing and lots of fun exploring the ancient streets and synagogues of the city. Eat Shabbat dinner with wonderful families around Israel. Hear a captivating musical concert on Motzei Shabbat. Participate in meditation workshops and delve into lively discussions about almost anything Judaism related. Take a tiyul on Shabbat discovering different beautiful parts of the country. Become involved in a special seminar about Halacha and structure in Judaism. Find out what a Shabbat is like on kibbutz. Engage in fascinating debates on thought-provoking topics in Halacha such as homosexuality, gender equality, technology, and more.

Track participants will participate in 5 extra weekend seminars throughout the year let by Rabbi Adam Drucker.

Group of Young Judaea teen girls in Israel

Examples of Seminars From Past Years

  • Simchat Torah in Tsfat
  • Ein Gedi on the coast of the Dead Sea
  • Spend Shabbat on a Religious Kibbutz
  • Shabbat in the Golan Heights
  • Shabbat in a youth hostel on the bank of the Kineret

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