Alumni YJ Statement on Israel

By Young Judaea

As we are all following the unfolding events in Israel with much concern and solidarity, we feel that we can no longer sit on the sidelines as observers but that we must fully and unequivocally voice our concern and articulate our position in alignment with Young Judaea’s core values. 

Israel is our place, and now, more than ever, our Israeli chaverim must hear that we are standing along side them in solidarity and mutual concern.  

Young Judaea, America’s preeminent Zionist Youth movement for the last 114 years, representing tens of thousands of alumni from our camping, year-round and Israel programs, solemnly reaffirms its commitment to the State of Israel, its security, prosperity, and integrity.

We have watched with great concern the recent initiative by the Israeli government to radically change the Israeli judicial system and we have witnessed the broad-based opposition to this initiative by Israelis.

On February 12th, in an address to the nation, Israel President Isaac Herzog suggested slowing the current legislative process and proposed a five-point plan to kickstart a dialogue between the government coalition and the opposition in parliament on judicial reform.  He said that “some aspects” of the judicial reform as it was put forth by the government could “compromise Israeli democracy.” Young Judaea strongly supports President Herzog in his call for calm and thoughtful examination of judicial reform as he urges all politicians in Israel to ensure the views of all stakeholders are fully considered.

We urge all Members of the Knesset to seek compromise, not conflict; understanding, not threats; while demonstrating an unwavering commitment towards a democratic Israel, protecting minority rights, and maintaining checks and balances. As Young Judaeans living in Israel and in North America, this statement amplifies our abiding value of clal Israel, pluralism, and our unwavering ahavat Israel, love of Israel.  

“We are facing a fateful test, I see before my eyes the rifts and schisms among us, which are currently getting deeper and more painful, and can’t avoid pondering seriously about there being twice in history in which a Jewish state was created in the Land of Israel, and twice in which it collapsed before reaching its 80th year.” – President Herzog

Let us together write the next chapter of our history, one that honors the legacy of our ancestors and is a worthy inheritance for our children.




Let’s continue the conversation... Political Climate in Israel: A Conversation with Rabbi Adam Drucker

February 26th, 11 AM ET via Zoom

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