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  • time Recent High School Graduates: 17-19 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv-Yafo and Jerusalem
  • duration Nine Months
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Why Choose Year Course in Israel for your gap year? After more than 60 years, Year Course is still the leader in gap year in Israel experiences! Just ask any of our nearly 10,000 alumni!

Young Judaea Year Course in Israel is a nine-month gap year program for high school graduates ready to have one incredible year! With semesters in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, you’ll live in fully furnished apartments or in dormitory-style housing. Explore your passion through interning or volunteering, and take a variety of stimulating courses for college credit. Learn Hebrew intensively and get to know Israel from top to bottom – because the best way to understand Israel’s diverse society, history, culture and geography is to live like an Israeli on your gap year in Israel!

You will appreciate Israel as a local rather than as tourist, and your experiences are fostered by volunteering, learning and speaking Hebrew, traveling around the country, and living with fellow participants from North America, the UK, and Israel. In addition to volunteer placements and academic classes, each Year Course semester is enhanced with a variety of cultural events, seminars, and activities with Israeli peers. Specialty add-on tracks and global trips round out the experience.

Year Course offers the perfect balance of structure and independence, encouraging participants to grow into responsible and worldly leaders at home and abroad! Our alumni are passionate about Israel, Jewish peoplehood, and making a difference in the world.

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I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me, bigger than anything I have ever been involved in, something worthy of not just me but others around me. The experiences and friendships I’ve made have left an everlasting impact on my life and changed me as a person.

– Adi Genosar, Year Course 2013-14

Our Values

What sets Year Course apart from other gap year programs? Our uncompromising values.

Personal Growth

Year Course strengthens each participant’s self confidence, independence and sense of responsibility. Using Israel as a laboratory for teaching participants about tolerance and pluralism, Year Course introduces them to different communities across the country, providing a supportive environment in which participants can explore, grow and mature during a dynamic year in Israel.

Jewish Identity

We are dedicated to the values of  tikkun olam (world repair), family, and community. By improving participants’ literacy in Jewish history and tradition, Hebrew, and contemporary Israeli culture through college-level courses, Year Course fosters a positive sense of Jewish identity preparing participants for a lifetime of Jewish communal engagement.

Understanding Israel

Year Course provides a comprehensive Israel experience, establishing knowledge of and connections to the country’s geography, language, people, history and contemporary life. By learning the history and thought of Israeli society, culture and politics,  participants explore the centrality of Israel in Jewish life and responsibility toward the diverse communities and groups that call Israel home.

Leadership Development

Participants are challenged to improve their leadership skills and awareness of their value and abilities as maturing young adults. We prepare and encourage participants to return home and become active members, leaders and Israel advocates within their Jewish communities and far beyond.

“Before we arrived, our ideas about Israel were formed through information our friends and family had given us. Seeing Israel through our own eyes allowed us to develop a deeper love and understanding for the culture of the Jewish people.”

– Rachel Benrey and Sophie Carothers, Year Course 2015-16

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