The Experience

With tons of ways to customize your Year Course, you'll have
a one-of-a-kind experience in Israel while building an incredible community of friends for life and finding out just who you are!

The Year Course Experience

The best way to understand Israel’s diverse history, culture and geography is to live like a local on our Israel gap year. The Year Course experience is highlighted by the time participants spend volunteering, learning and speaking Hebrew, traveling all over the country, and living with fellow participants. Instead of seeing Israel through the windows of a tour bus, Year Course participants become intimately involved with Israeli communities and develop deep understandings of what it means to live in Israel. Between the components of our program and the many opportunities to travel on your own, you’ll quickly to get feel like a local!

Year Course’s unique format allows our participants to experience Israel in three distinct ways: a semester volunteering or interning in Tel Aviv, an academic semester in Jerusalem, and Adventure Month midway through the year to explore the country. Participants are split into two sections, Yama and Kedma, each beginning the their year in the opposite city and switching after Adventure Month:


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One Year, Two Cities

Tel Aviv or Jerusalem? No need to choose on Year Course - you'll experience both amazing cities.

Custom Tracks

You want a year as unique as you are - choose a custom track to explore your interest or find something new to love.

Adventure Month

Four weeks exploring the entire country - the history, communities, cultures, and nature that makes Israel so special.

Global Trips

With Israel as your home, it's easier than ever to travel the world and become a global citizen on Year Course.

Special Add-Ons

Ready to get up close and personal with new activities and amazing destinations within Israel? Try an add-on!


Earn up to 30 college credits through a combination of experiential education and classroom learning

One Year, Two Cities

One of the best features of Year Course is splitting your year between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Experience the marvel of Jerusalem - 3,000 years of history, incredible religious and cultural diversity, and awe-inspiring sites and views. In Tel Aviv, dive into a city built on cultural and technological creativity, amazing communites, and of course, some of the best beaches in the world. Living in these two very different places allows our participants to make the most of their time in Israel!

The modern city

Tel Aviv

Customize your semester in the "Big Orange" and get to know Tel Aviv like a real local - its communities, culture, cuisine, and of course - some of the best beaches in the world!

the ancient city


Dive deep into Jewish history, peoplehood, and religion as you experience one of the most incredible cities in the world and explore it's many intriguing sites.

Make it yours

Custom Tracks

During the Tel Aviv semester, you'll make Year Course a truly personal experience with one of our custom tracks, meant to give participants different opportunities to do what they love while exploring a new country.

Learn More
see the world

Global Trips

With Israel as your home, you'll have the chance to travel around the world and become a true global citizen, learning more about different countries and their Jewish histories.

explore Israel

Adventure Month

Spend four weeks between semesters exploring Israel outside of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, getting to know the country, it's people, history, many different locations, history, and so much more.

Activities include:

  • Hiking and overnight camping
  • Culinary and street art workshops
  • Illuminating historical and religious sites

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