Custom Tracks (Tel Aviv Semester)

Our variety of specialized and customizable experiences makes Year Course the leader in Israel gap years.

While the Jerusalem semester focuses on academics and coursework, all participants in both Yama and Kedma choose a specific track for the Tel Aviv Semester. The tracks for the 2021-22 program year are:

the classic experience


Duration: Fall or Spring Semester in Tel Aviv
Schedule: Sun., Mon., Wed., Thu. - Hours vary

The classic Year Course Tel Aviv experience, volunteering or interning offers participants a hands-on look at Israeli society and culture, while giving them the opportunity to explore their own interests in a specific field. Please note that internship placements require additional interview and skills assessment prior to placement, and are not guaranteed.

Whether you've already got a connection or don't yet know what you'd like to do, Year Course will work with you to find the volunteering or internship placement to fit your interests!

help save lives


Duration: Fall or Spring Semester in Tel Aviv
Schedule: Su, Mon., Weds., Thu - Hours vary
Supplemental Track Cost: $1,400

An interactive educational program along with hands-on experience on the ground through training and volunteering with Magen David Adom. Meet leading health professionals, work with Israeli paramedics, participate in tours and workshops and find out what it takes to devote yourself to saving lives.

As a full member of an MDA ambulance team, participants join eight-hour shifts together with Israeli volunteers in the Tel Aviv area, serving as first responders, helping those in need, and learning more about the medical field.

train with the best

Marva - IDF

Duration: Fall or Spring Semester in Tel Aviv

Do you want to be part of something great? Do you want to see Israel as you have never seen it before? Are you looking to challenge yourself and push your limits? Marva is a unique, 8-week opportunity to experience the beauty and challenges of Israel through the eyes of the IDF.

Through hikes, drills, and physical activities, participants partake in real-life training exercises and live in actual army conditions. Hard military-style discipline is enforced in all activities, making this experience challenging and satisfying.

learn to code

Tech Track

Duration: Fall or Spring Semester in Tel Aviv
Schedule: Su. - Thu. Hours vary
Supplemental Track Cost: $1,400

Participate in a selective & intensive coding bootcamp at Developers.Institute, dedicated to educating the next generation of tech talent in Israel, featuring cutting-edge mentored courses in Web and mobile development, working with the industry’s best professionals.

During the course the participants will take part in conferences with representatives from different startups and high-tech companies, in order to make personal relations that may help them secure internship placements when the bootcamp ends.

embrace the land

Kibbutz Track

Duration: Fall or Spring Semester in Tel Aviv
Schedule: Su. - Thu. Hours vary

Kibbutz Ketura, founded by Young Judaeans, is Year Course's home in the Arava Valley. Track participants spend two months living and volunteering on the kibbutz, which boasts beautiful desert vistas, a lively and pluralist Jewish atmosphere, and innovative ecologoical industry.

Living and volunteering on the kibbutz gives you the true communal experience - whether sharing meals with other members, attending  events, or living with volunteers from around Israel and the world, you'll get a feel for what it means to live in a cooperative environment.

adventure Month

Adventure Month

Spend four weeks between semesters exploring Israel's many different communities, natural parks, colorful historical sites, diving into arts and culture and giving back to those in need.

Activities include:

  • Hiking and overnight camping
  • Culinary and street art workshops
  • Illuminating historical and religious sites

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