There is no city in the world like Jerusalem, the historical heart
of the Jewish people for centuries.The Year Course Jerusalem semester is based on the Kiryat Moriah campus of the Machon L’Madrichei Chutz La’Aretz (International Youth Leadership Institute), combining field-based learning with classroom study offering up to 30 college credits.


Year Course participants have the opportunity to earn up to 30 college credits throughout the year, primarily earned during the academic semester in Jerusalem. Through our partnership with the Machon institute, students have access to a wide variety of courses - both in and out of the classroom - meant to engage them in Jewish and Israeli topics, with a special emphasis on getting out into Jerusalem to meet the different communities, cultures, and religious streams that call the city home. Courses are accredited through the American Jewish University. See below for some examples of possible classes.

Our core courses give Year Course participants a solid foundation of knowledge about Israeli and Jewish history,
Zionism, and Jewish peoplehood. The deep dive into these topics are suitable for Jewish day school graduates,
those with no background in Jewish or Israeli education, and everyone in between.

  • History of Zionism and Modern Israel (JST 354)
  • Jewish Thought and Practice (COR 200)
  • The Jewish Nation (COR 201)

An extensive array of elective courses allow Year Course students to broaden their horizons and find new topics,
taking advantage of. Past elective courses have included:

  • Jews and the American Civil Rights Movement
  • Effective Public Speaking
  • Exploring Jewish Humour
  • Midrash and Talmudic Tales
  • Education & The Mind
  • Digital Diplomacy

LaOmek takes students off campus and out into Jerusalem and Israel, challenging participants with a focus on
engaging topics through a wide variety of practical courses featuring site visits, special lecturers and guest speakers,
and immersive experiences. Past LaOmek classes include:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Journeys into Jewish Art
  • Culture, Art, & Society in Tel Aviv
  • The Tribes of Modern Israel
  • The Politics Behind Conflict
  • Jerusalem Journeys

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