Kol HaTnua - Voice of the Movement Summer 2018: Machon in Israel by Lyndsey Lipson

By Year Round Programs

My name is Lyndsey Lipson and I had the best summer of my life on Machon. We started the summer off with two days at Camp Tel Yehudah, Young Judaea’s teen camp. For some people this was their first time in Israel whereas for others it was there fifth or sixth. No matter how many times someone has been to Israel, this was the first time with Machon and everyone found it meaningful. Growing up in Young Judaea, Machon is something we all look forward to and live our summers waiting for. All throughout camp we learn about Israel and the culture but there is a difference between learning about it and experiencing it.

Standing on Yehudah Hatzair street allowed my Young Judaea career to come full circle. We wrote the names of people in Young Judaea who came before us and our own names in order to bring them with us on this journey. I wrote the name of my cousin who has been talking to me about her experience staffing machon seven years ago. She was someone who impacted my Young Judaea career and my choice to go on Machon. I will forever be thankful to her that I came on this program. One thing that I believe makes this different from any other Israel trip i’ve gone on with my family is the fact that I’m here with my best friends and making new friends everyday, even 3 weeks into the program. For many people this program encouraged them to do Year Course in the 2019-2020 year. Being here for only one month allows us to learn a portion of the history that Israel has and coming on Year Course would allow us all to learn so much more and get to experience Israel in a different way.

~ Lyndsey Lipson is a 12th grader from East Brunswick, New Jersey and serves as New Jersey Young Judaea’s Administrative Vice President

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