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By Year Course in Israel

by Amanda Scheck
Year Course 2019-20

While preparing to go to Rwanda while on Year Course, I kept telling myself not to have any expectations… but naturally I had a few; I went expecting to give and to teach the students we would meet things they didn’t know. More importantly, I expected to leave feeling like I made a huge impact and difference on these children’s lives… but in reality it was the exact opposite. I now realize that throughout my three weeks at Agahazo Shalom Youth Village I did nothing but receive and LEARN. I learned to appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given, and to take full advantage of the cards I’ve been dealt. I’ve learned that getting A’s and going to the best college doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t a good person. Growing up, I felt like I was constantly stressing about school and work and forgot to remember what’s really important in life: to do good and to be good, which is the motto the students at ASYV live by.

ASYV isn’t just a school, but it also isn’t just a community/village… it’s equally and perfectly both. We had the opportunity to shadow the students in multiple classes at school and at their clubs. I witnessed the students creativity and brilliance and I’m embarrassed to admit I was shocked. Not because of what I saw, but because I never thought I would be in Rwanda and find myself feeling envious… but I did. I had never been surrounded by so much love and encouragement in my entire 19 years of life. Anne Heyman z”l didn’t just create a village, she created a home for thousands of kids to thrive, grow, and succeed in any and every way they want to… and I hope to someday become half the woman she was.

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