Young Judaea
Year Course

Join the original gap year in Israel
and take the journey of a lifetime.

What is Year Course?

Young Judaea Year Course is the largest gap year program in Israel. Participants live in Israel for nine months, earning up to 30 college credits. Together with academic studies, participants strengthen their independence, maturity, and positive value systems, building the skills to thrive and succeed - socially, academically, and as members of their communities.

Get ready to discover an Israel you haven’t seen, connect with your peers and your history, and learn the language, culture, and complexities of Israel.

What is the Year Course Experience?

With tons of ways to customize the program,
no two Year Course participants will have the same experience!
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Tel Aviv Semester

Choose an internship, MDA volunteering, IDF experience, or coding bootcamp to anchor your time living in Israel's cultural capital while you explore the country and society (and beautiful beaches!)

Jerusalem Semester

Spend your semester diving into Jewish and Israeli heritage, culture and history while earning college credits and exploring the sights that make Jerusalem one of the most interesting cities in the world.

Special Programs

Customize your Year Course journey with special add-ons and experiences that take you deeper into Israeli society.

Global Trips

With Israel as your homebase, travel the world and learn about Jewish heritage or spend time giving back on one of our epic global trips.

What Our Alumni Say

Benji Hirsch
Year Course 2018-19

"My year was about making Israel my home, not just the place where I live. Year Course is a group of so many different people that together create a tight-knit, caring, outgoing and fun-loving community."

Stella Bushkin
Year Course 2019-20

"Being a part of Year Course didn't only teach me to be a part of the larger Year Course family - it taught me what it feels like to be part of the broader Jewish family here in Israel as well."

Paz Genosar
Year Course 2019-20

"Year Course has been an awesome experience for me to explore Israel, plus engage the roots of my Israeli background.  I’m so excited to spend this time soaking in the historical Israeli land, culture, and language!"

Zach Harf
Year Course 2019-20

"I've been able to explore and learn so much about myself on Year Course - figuring out how to live and share with other people, discovering a passion for cooking, learning more about Israel's history. It's amazing!"

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