Year Round Programs Reflections from YJ Teens Leadership, ’23-’24

By Young Judaea

From the National Mazkir Jonny Jentis

It has been an honor to lead the National Mazkirut this year. I look back on the year, and despite the tumultuous world we were thrust into, I can only think of how proud I am of everything National Maz and I have accomplished. From running one of the largest National Conventions in years, to kickstarting involvement across the country in areas we haven’t been able to reach for years, this year has been more than anything I could have imagined.

More than what we accomplished, I am grateful for the wonderful people I have gotten to meet and work with throughout the year. I want to thank my dear friends, Sari, Ilan, Dora, Leo, and Noah for being so devoted and passionate throughout the year and without whom I could not have done anything. I also want to thank Sara, Erica, Allegra, Amit, and all the other wonderful YJ staff who worked so hard to help us be successful; without their support, nothing we tried this year would have been possible. Although it seems as though my time at YJ Teens is coming to an end, I will always remember how spectacular my experience was and I cannot wait to continue to see how future Mazkiruts will make YJ flourish.

From the Northeast Mazkir Sam Orshan

My time this year on the Northeast was very transformative. I had the privilege of ushering in a new era for Young Judaea and YJ Teens with the consolidation of the Northeast region. I was able to run a successful event every month this year as the Mazkir. My favorite event this year was the Havdallah hang and I hope Northeast can run even better programs next year and grow the region even more.

From the Midwest Mazkir Akiva Weinkle

This year gave me a tremendous amount of hope for the future of the Midwest Region. All year I got to see the ruach of Midwest YJ both in person, at Pittsburgh events, and through pictures for Chicago. However, the highlight of the year was Midwest Convention where over 50 Midwesties, over half at their first convention, showed up to build community and memories. I got to see young leaders step up and take on the challenge of growing this region moving forward and I can’t wait to see what they do.

From the Texas Mazkira Shira Babajanov

This year YJ kids at Texas had many successful programs that highlighted the community service, Jewish, and Zionist aspects of Young Judaea. This year we raised our attendance and started building up our region with the city committees to ensure programs run as best as possible.

From the (newly reopened) Southeast Region, Lila Duke

Thanks to several months of tireless work and the endless support of our Young Judaea staff and National Maz, the Atlanta YJ Teens organization is up and running again! Although we have had just a few events so far, including a CJ Rikkud, a movie night, and a pool party, the spirit and community of those who attended have been evident and suggest a strong Young Judaea presence in the Southeast soon in the future!

From the (newly reopened) YJ West Region By Hallie

We are so excited to have started the LA region! We will have year round events once a month starting next year with the goal to make an impact, bring our community together, raise awareness on Israel, and have fun!:heartpulse::flag-il:

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