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Sample Itinerary – please note all scheduled activities are subject to change.

Week Two   
Take an early morning hike in the Ramon Crater, one of the most beautiful desert locales in the world.
Start the morning by kayaking down the Jordan river, then visit the Golan heights and have a lookout on the Syrian border from Mt. Bental.Hike along one of the Galil's beautiful streams before rappelling at Dalton Cliff and visiting the grottoes at Rosh Hanikra.View the Sea of Galilee, tour the mystical city of Tzfat and learn about the Druze culture and religion before sitting down to a traditional Druze meal.
Visit the old city of Akko (Acre), sun bathe at its beautiful beach Akko's beach and enjoy the historical old city, market, and seaside promenade.Time to head home! We'll conclude with a group reflection before returning to the US.