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Year Course Dates & Prices

DatesPriceDeadline to Apply
September 3, 2020- May 19, 2021$26,450July 2020


  • Cost does not include flight to and from Israel
  • All MASA-eligible participants receive an $800 grant, regardless of need
    • Needs-based MASA grants are available, with certain requirements


What You’ll Learn

Year Course offers a full range of dynamic and fun classes for you to take during the year. Below are some of the courses that have been offered in recent years. This will give you a good idea as to offerings you’ll be able to choose from when you come on Year Course!

Siyyurim (Excursion) Courses (3 – 4 Credits)

Some things can only be learned in Israel and only out in the real world of Israel! Year Course offers intense, ‘field’ based courses that combine classroom study with ‘siyyur’ excursions. See the places and meet the people who make this country unlike any other in the world and get a first-hand view of reality with the following courses:

  • The Jerusalem Idea (HIS111) Syllabus
  • The Zionist Idea (HIS170) Syllabus
  • The Tel Aviv Idea (SOC178) Syllabus Coming Soon

Year Course

Why Choose Year Course? After more than 60 years, Year Course is still the leader in Israel gap year experiences. Just ask any of our nearly 10,000 alumni!

Year Course is a nine-month gap year program in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for high school graduates. While living in fully furnished apartments or in dormitory-style housing, participants explore their passion through interning or volunteering, take a variety of stimulating courses for college credit, learn Hebrew and get to know Israel from top to bottom – because the best way to understand Israel’s diverse history, culture and geography is to live like an Israeli!

Participants come to appreciate Israel as residents rather than as tourists, and their experiences are fostered by the time they spend volunteering, learning/speaking Hebrew, traveling around the country, and living with fellow participants. In addition to volunteer placements and academic classes, each Year Course semester is enhanced with a variety of cultural events, seminars, and activities with Israeli peers, as well special, experiential tracks and global trips.

Year Course offers the perfect balance of structure and independence, encouraging participants to grow into responsible and worldly leaders at home and abroad!