Global Trips


We are thrilled to offer our educational trip to Poland to all Year Coursers included in the regular tuition beginning in program year 2020-2021. Each section will travel together – Kedma in November and Yama in April – to learn and reflect while bearing witness to history and working for a better future.

Our other international trips take Year Coursers to some of the world’s most interesting destinations – whether volunteering and touring in Rwanda, repairng the world in Mumbai, India,  or learning about Jewish history in Morocco – Year Coursers become true world citizens, enriching their futures and figuring out just what they’re made of!

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Tuitition & Scholarships

Year Course Dates & Prices

DatesPriceDeadline to Apply
September 3, 2020- May 19, 2021$26,450July 2020


  • Cost does not include flight to and from Israel
  • All MASA-eligible participants receive an $800 grant, regardless of need
    • Needs-based MASA grants are available, with certain requirements

Special Tracks

In addition to an action-packed year taking classes, volunteering, and interning in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Year Course is also the perfect opportunity to explore your interests and personalize your gap year.

Specialty tracks can help you form an intimate group of like-minded friends within the larger Year Course community and to enjoy extracurricular activities related to topics of your choice. You’ll meet with experts, participate in workshops, hear lectures and go on trips related to your track.

The Experience

The best way to understand Israel’s diverse history, culture and geography is to live as a member of Israeli society. The Year Course experience is fostered by the time participants spend volunteering, learning and speaking Hebrew, traveling all over the country, and living with fellow participants. Instead of seeing Israel through the windows of a tour bus, Year Course participants become intimately involved with Israeli communities and develop deep understandings of what it means to live in Israel.

In addition, there are weekly kvutzah (group) meetings run by madrichim (counselors), weekly siyurim (excursions), and free evenings and weekends during which chanichim are encouraged to explore on their own.

Year Course’s unique format allows our participants to experience Israel in 3 distinct ways. Their year is split into three unique experiences:

  • Four months will be spent in the historic city of Jerusalem as part of the Machon l’Madrichei Chul, on an academic track that involves both formal and informal education, including an option to earn up to 30 college credits.
  • Four months will be based in Tel Aviv-Yafo, where participants choose between a variety of volunteering options: some special experiences include a two-month Marva experience training with the Israeli Defense Forces and volunteering with MDA (Magen David Adom).
  • Adventure Month which takes place mid-way through the year, offering more than 20 unique ways to explore Israel.

The Year Course cohort is split into 2 sections: Yama and Kedma. One section will start their program in Jerusalem, while the other section will start in Tel aviv-Yafo. After winter break the two sections switch places, so all participants will experience both cities!


What You’ll Learn

Year Course offers a full range of dynamic and fun classes for you to take during the year. Below are some of the courses that have been offered in recent years. This will give you a good idea as to offerings you’ll be able to choose from when you come on Year Course!

Siyyurim (Excursion) Courses (3 – 4 Credits)

Some things can only be learned in Israel and only out in the real world of Israel! Year Course offers intense, ‘field’ based courses that combine classroom study with ‘siyyur’ excursions. See the places and meet the people who make this country unlike any other in the world and get a first-hand view of reality with the following courses:

  • The Jerusalem Idea (HIS111) Syllabus
  • The Zionist Idea (HIS170) Syllabus
  • The Tel Aviv Idea (SOC178) Syllabus Coming Soon