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What’s Kraka-Lakin Young Judaea? My name is Noa Krakow and I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m beyond excited to serve as this year’s 2016-2017 National Administrative Vice President. When I’m not planning YJ events, you can find me dancing, color coding my notes for school, and on a rare occasion sleeping. I’m an avid believer of the ‘Paul McCartney’ conspiracy theory and I’d love to have a chat with you about it. I first became a part of the movement when I was eight years old at Camp Sprout Lake. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and people, that I continued to Camp Tel Yehudah. Since then, I have been a part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Region’s leadership team and spent the last few years overseeing the region.

Young Judaea is different from anything else I’ve experienced. It provides me with a community of people who all feel a similar passion towards Jewish values. Where I’m from, the Jewish population identify themselves, however  they do not feel the same connection to Judaism as I do. Young Judaea provided me with this connection, and has given me the opportunity to explore who I am.  Young Judaea is special because it empowers me to the best of my ability. It challenges me to see the world around me and help me grow into a better person. From the influence of YJ, I am now a more confident person who feels that the most important thing in life is to be happy, and care less about what others think. I feel proud of my beliefs, opinions, and I’m not afraid to be “too passionate” about something. I have changed so much from Young Judaea’s influence, because it has helped me understand why I’m Jewish and why I make the decisions I follow.

This year, I want to focus on connecting each region from across the nation to unify Young Judaea as whole. We all come from different backgrounds, different places across the world, different beliefs of Judaism, but we’re all connected through Young Judaea. Everyone has their individual way to lead and I want to enhance that opportunity towards others.

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