Year Course My Overnight Trip on the Business Track

By Year Course in Israel

hannahnHannah Newburger shares her recent overnight trip on the Year Course Business Track:

I would just like to say, more people should sign up for this track! It was awesome and if this overnight is a reflection of the rest of the opportunities we get on this track, we are going to have an incredible time on year course.

We started with a visit to the Haifa branch of Intel. It was amazing! It was so interesting to see how the microchips are processed and tested. For instance heat is applied to every microchip in order to simulate use, time, and damage. Out of every batch tested 90%-92% of the chips pass but Intel-Haifa was the first Intel in the entire world to have 100% of a batch pass this test.

After Intel we visited Industrial Park, which is filled with a bunch of small businesses, factories, and much more. There we saw an extensive car collection with cars dating back to the 1920’s. We also saw a processing plant that manufactures tools and we got to walk on the floor of the plant, which needless to say was so cool.

After this we headed to the village of Klil, where we stayed the night. Klil is a self sustaining environmentally friendly village in the north. It has a very laid back, hippie vibe. We stayed in a small cabin, which was so cozy. There was a fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, a fire pit outside, a garden, and eastern inspired decorations all over plus an attic area.

yc_taichiFor dinner, we were treated to some amazingly fresh and tasty food. But before we had breakfast we had a tai chi class which was new for me, but a great experience. For breakfast we had shakshuka, salads, breads, cheeses, teas, and Turkish coffees. It was to die for. Afterwards we headed to a local farm which offers camp grounds, fresh goat dairy products, and horse back riding lessons. We also did some team exercises there, which brought us much closer as a group. Then we went to בירה מלכה, an Israeli brewery, and we got to see where they brew beer. We learned about the entire process, then we had lunch and sampled some of the beers while taking in a beautiful view of the north.

All in all what I loved about this trip was that not only did we get to learn about big and small businesses, we saw how each one uniquely functions. It was such an incredible overnight and I would highly suggest the business track to anyone remotely interested in business. This overnight gave me a great overview of the limitless possibilities in business.

View more pictures from the trip.

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