Year Round Programs Midwest Convention 2022

By Young Judaea

On March 3-6, 50 chanichim attended Midwest Convention at Camp Nageela Midwest!

Read below for a note recapping the weekend from the Midwest Mazkirut‘s Pirsum (Communications Chair), Noa Shimshi

Thank you all for coming to convention this past weekend! The theme for convention was “better together,” showing many instances of when togetherness is important. With many activities planned focused on said theme, chanichim had the chance to expand on personal experiences, while also listening to other peoples thoughts and ideas. Besides activities, everyone had time to spend with their YJ family and focus on building strong, thoughtful relationships with each other. We really cannot thank you enough for coming, and we hope everyone had an amazing time!

Despite making countless amounts of funny jokes and unforgettable memories, one that stuck with me most was the bus ride to convention. My first convention in winter of 2019, on the bus ride to Camp Nageela Midwest, I was a little anxious about meeting so many new people. This year, the bus ride reconnected all of the bonds with my friends that I hadn’t seen since TY or even my last summer at CYJ Midwest! Although being a very small part of convention, the bus ride to Nageela is where I catch up and refocus my camp relationships with everyone.


The 2021-2022 Midwest Mazkirut (teen board) from left to right: Noa Shimshi (pirsum), Akiva Weinkle (OTP), Rafi Nagorsky (SAP), Elan Lerner (AVP logistics), Melanie Silver (advisor), Aliya Dahlin (mazkira), Raizel Landman-Feigelson (BP), Gabe Hirsch (AVP finance)

During convention, the teens participated in asepha (elections)

Congratulations to the newly elected Midwest Mazkirut for the 2022-2023 Year!

The 2022-2023 Midwest Mazkirut from left to right: Elan Lerner (mazkir), Evelyn Aizenstein (pirsum), Jonah Rosenberg (OTP), Noa Shimshi (SAP), Gabe Hirsch (AVP logistics), Rafi Nagorsky (AVP finance), Akiva Weinkle (BP)

If you want to access the pictures from the weekend, check out the Young Judaea Flickr Album for Midwest Convention 2022

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Look out for upcoming details regarding Young Judaea’s National Convention on Memorial Day Weekend at Camp Tel Yehudah!

Thank you for an amazing weekend!

Your Midwest Convention Staff,

Emma Stricker, Evan Ressel, Melanie Silver, Miriam Alexander, Tamar Lerner, and Yoni Preuss

Midwest Convention 2022

By Hannah Lane

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