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Traveling allows you to experience and become a part of a different culture

Traveling allows you to experience and become a part of a different culture, and interning in Israel a great opportunity to immerse yourself! Dana Lidsky and Dorit Bodnick have spent the last 5 weeks living and interning in Jerusalem through the Onward Camp Counselor Program, hosted by Young Judaea. They were more than just tourists- they lived in Israel as residents. Like all residents, they had a daily schedule: they interned at DriveHill Media 4 days a week and they spent their free time exploring the city they now called home- Jerusalem.

One of their best experiences happened the Sunday before Yom Yerushalaim, the day that Jerusalemites celebrate to commemorate the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967. They went to the Old City and watched an amazing light show projected on the walls. Dana said of the experience that:

“It was something that we were able to go and find on our own. It really stood out from other trips because we are living here more as civilians rather than just participants on a structured program. An organized tour would never take us to something like that- it was mostly just people living here who went to it. It was really cool, it made us feel like we were part of the culture.”

Dorit added that, “it was a great experience. It’s really cool to live here, figure out what you want to do and the go”.  While in Israel, it’s important to experience the culture- not just observe it. Our participants get to do just that while here for their internships, and they do it their way!

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