Siyurim City of David

By Young Judaea

By Ari Chesterman, Year Course 2014-2015

Feelings of excitement and nervousness mixed in my chest as I set out on my first ever siyur of Young Judaea’s Year Course program.  The more this hot day passed by, the more I began to realize just how much fun this year was going to be.

We traveled as a group to the City of David. I had been there twice before, but this time was different. In the past I had not gone with a tour guide specifically from City of David. I was also surrounded by my peers this time. Over this trip I learned a lesson I hadn’t discovered with my previous visits.  Different is not always bad.  This visit to City of David certainly was different than my previous visits, but was a good thing. Avreimy, our tour guide, made the experience a cross between educational and interesting. Not to mention, ice cream was amazing.

We started off on a bus that took us to a spot a little bit outside City of David and continued on to the main plaza outside of the archeological site. I thought we were meeting was just another tour guide. It became abundantly clear I was wrong. Before we even started the tour he gave us some background about himself, including a story about the importance of names. In fact, Avreimy, born Avraham, was soon given his nickname of Avreimy, which he tried to ditch as a teenager. He came close to going by Max, but it didn’t stick due to a friend’s meddling. As we walked around a little bit I was pleasantly surprised to see how energetic and knowledgeable Avreimy was. His overall demeanor made the tour fun, and his thorough explanations made the tour informative.


After his introduction, he took us up a staircase and onto a roof of an old building and from there we could see the most beautiful panoramic view of Jerusalem.  Avreimy used us to represent different locations, like the Temple and other surrounding important historical buildings. Then we continued down to the tunnels. This was my third time going through the tunnels and it was also the best experience I have had walking through the tunnels. We spent the entire walk through knee deep in water, belting out songs, and I truly believe that my class connected as a group. Something about walking in the dark belting out Disney songs helps you bond.

Each location we stopped at held new and valuable information. [just put one thing you learned at each stop and why it proves the Bible happened or didn’t] [conclude with something among the lines that it provides convincing proof of small aspects of the Bible, but doesn’t come close to proving David was the the location]

I learned so many new and exciting facts on this trip, i definitely this that it was a winner. What an amazing start to what is clearly going to be an amazing year

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