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Year Round ProgramsA Statement from the Maz

The following statement was released from the 2023-2024 National Mazkirut on October 9, 2023 following the horrific attacks in Israel.

Alumni Alumni Spotlight: Gia Machlin

Alumni Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Hack

Dan Hack has been a proud Young Judean since 2007 when he was an Ofie at Camp Sp...

Alumni From Sitting Around a Campfire to Serving the Global Jewish World

Once you go to Jewish camp, you’ve truly found a community for life.

Alumni Siyur Series 5: The Jerusalem Corridor

by Eduardo “Lalo” Fainsod, Year Course Participant The name Shlomo Glenzer s...

Alumni Diary from Rwanda

The following Journal entries from Sarah Braginsky and Bess Brown should give yo...

Alumni A Woman, and a Judaean, at the Wall

 Women of the Wall is a Jewish organization seeking gender equality at the West...