Summer Programs Bring back that summer feeling

By Young Judaea

By Adina Frydman, CEO of Young Judaea Global

As we turn the page on summer and try to hold on to the final moments of sun,  we feel the shift from pre to post Labor Day (well, at least if you are in the Northeast). For those in the South or West, you are already deeply in the routine of school.

As I head into the office in 94-degree weather, although it still feels like summer, I know that the truth is, my summer is over. For YJ campers each year, the end of summer doesn’t just signify the start of school, it means the end of camp!

This summer, I had the pleasure of touring all seven camps and was reminded again of what is so unique and special about a Young Judaea camp. Let me tell you what I saw.

Unadulterated joy and laughter throughout the day. The playfulness of wearing pajamas all day, making string bracelets, having mud fights, bug juice, cheers and song, and of course the magic of a camp Shabbat. Not to mention the staff are sometimes sillier than the campers (to make it fun for the kids of course…)

I saw kids getting out of their comfort zone to try a new sport, meet a new friend, and challenge their existing perspectives by encountering different opinions.

At camp I witnessed incredible sportsmanship, balanced with healthy competition. While the joke is that we are all winners in Young Judaea, that is actually not true in color war, bikurim, and maccabiah. But most impressive is that the winning teams cheer on everyone else with as much enthusiasm as they cheer for their own win.

Lastly, I saw exemplary role modeling from our tzevet (camp staff). And while this applies to all staff, I am particularly talking about the young seasonal staff who would do anything to make sure that every chanich (camper) has the best experience possible: no camper left behind.

From the early morning wake up rituals to peulot laila tov (good night activities), they are the heroes that make every moment count. And it is only sweeter because they are part of a long chain of Young Judaeans passing on the traditions that their madrichim (counselors) gave to them.

These are just some of the highlights of what I saw at camp this summer. No wonder we are sad to let it go! Perhaps we can hold on to that camp feeling as we go back to our year-round lives.

As we wind up another fabulous season with over 3500 campers, I want to thank…

All the staff who gave their all this summer.

All the parents for trusting us with their kids.

All of YOU for supporting each of our camps and Young Judaea to make these magical summers a success!

See you in the summer of 2024!

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