Holiday Posts An Israel Themed Supplement to Your Seder

By Young Judaea


This Seder Supplement is dedicated to the memory of my teacher, our teacher, my friend, our friend, Mel Reisfield z”l. Mel loved to say “Education is Repetition” — Repetition not repetitious and certainly not redundant. Mel was famous for using the same phrasing, recycling the same shticks, telling the same jokes. And yet, he also made it fresh each time. He also spoke with passion and sincerity. He always did his homework by reading, studying, preparing – off camera, and then making it look easy, spontaneous, unstudied. And he also kept riffing, adding, updating, keeping it fresh for him as well as us, his devoted students. So, too, with the Seder. We often gather with the same people and certainly follow the same text with the same rituals and the same songs. But, when it works, it feels completely fresh and exciting…with the framework indeed having the familiarity that comes from repetition – but certainly not feeling repetitious or redundant. Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy, and non-repetitive Pesach…

With love from Jerusalem,

Gil Troy

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