Guide as a Madrich/a (Counselor)

Lead today’s Young Judaeans by staffing our year-round programs including National Convention, and local programming. If you are a young alumni looking to give back, let us know how we can contact you by filling out this form.

Start Young Judaea in Your Community

If your community is missing the beauty of Young Judaea, we want to work together to bring the movement to you. Contact teens@youngjudaea.org  to help spread Young Judaea.

Plan a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

Interested in supporting a specific part of Young Judaea? Work with the YJ team to set up your personalized fundraising page. With our easy-to-use online platform, you can amplify your reach, engage your networks, and create a wave of support for YJ. If you are interested in setting up a personal digital fundraiser please contact taylor.wishnov@youngjudaea.org

Host an Info Session

Info sessions are great ways to share the opportunities and programs of Young Judaea’s Israel programs to youth and their parents who are searching for a true person-to-person interaction. From an in-home invitation to a coordinated program with our field representatives, you have the power to share the genuine impact that Young Judaea has. Please email us if you are interested in hosting an info session.

Advise Our Peer-Leaders

Incredible teen leaders all throughout the country have the passion and drive, and we need your help to help them grow. Become an adviser for a local or regional mazkirut (teen board) and help build Young Judaea from the ground up. If you are interested in advising today’s youth in building programs, fill out this form/email Miriam.


Teen girl at Year Course recruitment table, talking with older man