Alumni Alum Spotlight: Lisa Fliegel

By Young Judaea

An interview with Young Judaean and American-Israeli Trauma Therapist, Lisa Fliegel.

What work are you currently doing for Israel? I just returned from a month-long deployment at the evacuee hotels in Eilat. Following the Oct. 7th incursion and subsequent missile bombardments, 125,000 Israeli’s evacuated their communities and 60,000 of them evacuated to Eilat.

My Year Course buddy Becky Rowe’s son Lev- is in the leadership of Hashomer Hatzair and their Tzedek Centers which I have been involved with. On October 10th they deployed to 10 evacuee sites throughout Israel to set up educational frameworks and youth development programs. As a trauma specialist I have trained their teams in the past and so they asked me to join their team in Eilat.

I was stationed with Kibbutz Nir Oz which lost 185 people and had 74 kidnapped was in the Red Sea Hotel, as well as with Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak at the Ceasar Hotel. I provided secondary traumatic stress support for their teams, trauma training, clinical supervision and direct services to survivors. Now that I am back, I am doing community programs on my trip, providing stress support to Israeli families in the USA, and continuing to support the teams in Israel virtually.


What, if any, values or skills did you acquire in Young Judaea that led you to the work you are doing today? I made aliyah to Ketura after Year Course and served in Nahal with Garin Nitzotz. I returned to the USA in 1996 for medical reasons but remain actively connected and go to Israel at least once a year.

In addition to the progressive Zionist values that underline my life’s work, the principles and practices of Positive Youth Development and Community Building are central in my work as a community trauma advocate and consultant. The values of social justice and personal accountability inherent to the learning community of YJ are the foundation of how I do my work. Specifically when I deployed to Israel with Hashomer Hatzair I was no stranger to the Youth Movement Blue Shirt, and fit right in to the Kabbalat Shabbat which were central to the healing and renewal of both the Kibbutzim and youth workers there.

What Young Judaea programs did you attend? Local Club, New England Region Mazkirut, Tel-Yehudah, Year Course…life on Ketura

What’s one way people can get involved or help in your work? Contribute to the Tzedek Centers and keep in touch to support my future deployments.

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