Kol HaTnua - Voice of the Movement 60 Years Ago in Young Judaea: Truman Becomes Honorary Young Judaea President

By Year Round Programs

Harry S. Truman, former President of the United States became an honorary National President of Young Judaea at the recent Tri-Region Convention. National Young Judaea President Ed Berman, made the presentation, honoring Truman as “a significant figure in the young life of the State of Israel.” Truman granted the United States’ formal recognition of the State of Israel on the very day that the state was proclaimed, May 14, 1948. . .

In accepting these gifts, Mr. Truman mentioned the importance of the Bible in our daily lives. He stated that “the rules under which our government functions can all be found in this wonderful book – the Bible.” Yankele Satati, Shaliach to Young Judaea from Kibbutz HaSollelim, then spoke of the importance and meaning of Truman’s role in the establishment of the State of Israel. Yankele remarked that “the young peole of Israel in 1948, of whom I was one, were interested in building and protecting their country based on freedom and democracy. We were inspired and thankful for your immediate recognition of Israel’s Statehood.”

In his presentation of the pin symbolizing the honorary position, Ed mentioned the fact that “Young Judaea practices the principles of democracy at its conventions, club meetings, elections, and various executive committees. The job of preserving and teaching the tenets of the American government becomes a simple task in our movement. Young Judaeans are allowed to legislate and administer their own policies and therefore, gain firsthand knowledge of the dynamics of parliamentary rules and constitutional procedure.” As he was formally installed as an Honorary President of the oldest Jewish youth group in America, Mr. Truman stated that “the future of America lies with groups such as yours which learn and practice the principles of the free world.”

~ From “The Senior” Vol. XVII No. 4: February, 1959

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