Alumni Young Adult Volunteer Trip in Israel: Taylor’s Reflection

By Young Judaea

In a whirlwind adventure through Israel, I recently had the privilege of staffing a young professional volunteer trip that transformed my understanding of the community and shared values of Young Judaea. Though I didn’t grow up within the movement, my two years of working with Young Judaea have been a journey of discovery and connection that has transcended the boundaries of just a job.

A diverse group of Judaeans, aged 19 to 40, came together for a shared purpose; to support Israeli citizens. The camaraderie formed during our volunteer work was nothing short of magical, but it was an impromptu Shabbat dinner that truly encapsulated the spirit of Young Judaea. Picture this: individuals spanning a decade in age, united in song and dance, passionately embracing the same Rikkud tunes. In that moment, a shared identity as Judaeans took precedence.

What struck me most during this journey was the convergence of Young Judaea’s core values—Tikkun Olam, the love for Israel, and an open tent where voices can challenge each other in deep discussion. These principles were not merely ideals; they were the driving force behind every action and shared moment. The farms we worked on became a canvas for Tikkun Olam, where our hands in the soil were a tangible contribution to Israeli society.

The realization dawned upon me that many of the participants might not be on this journey if it weren’t for their formative years within the movement. The values instilled by Young Judaea are what allowed the young professionals on this trip to communicate and connect on a profound level. After two years of working with Young Judaea, I can confidently say that I have become a true Judaean. This journey has transformed me, not just as an employee, but as an integral part of a community that believes in the power of change, leadership, and compassion for Israel. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity.

By Taylor Wishnov, Development and Alumni Engagement Associate, Young Judaea Global

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