National Mazkirut

Our National Mazkirut is comprised of the top teen leaders in Young Judaea who direct much of our year-round programming, engaging their peers around our “pillars” or values of Jewish identity, Israel, pluralism, leadership and social action.

Young Judaea is a peer run organization with mazkiriyot (boards) of peer leaders on local, regional, and national levels.

The “Maz” is elected at Young Judaea’s National Mid-Winter Convention by a convention body consisting of Bogrim (9th-12th grade members of the movement) and serves for a one-year term.

The regional mazkirut level varies throughout the country – most regions contain at least five of the positions listed below.

Meet this year’s National Mazkirut!

Literally, the secretary. The Mazkir/a is president of the Mazkirut.

This position is the administrative vice president (AVP) of the mazkirut. Responsibilities include finances, membership, and logistics for the national level and overseeing the regional AVPs.

This position is responsible for communication with all the nation’s mazkirim through the “va’ad arzit” (national committee). The national artzit also keeps communication with Young Judaea’s sister movements, FZY in England and Tzofim in Israel.

These positions create educational programming for each of the different age groups. These positions exist on both a national and regional levels with the national level coordinators assisting the regional one

Social Action Programmer (SAP). This position develops social action events and ensures that tikkun olam values are built into all programs at the national level and regional levels. Their educational focus is defined by tikkun groups – different social action groups –  and they also create volunteering opportunities for participants.

This position is responsible for publishing newsletters and informational documents for the movement.