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Shalom Chaverim,

Young Judaea changed my life.  And, if you’re reading this letter, I suspect it’s also true for you or someone you know.

Young Judaea programs – from club meetings to conventions, camp to Year Course – shaped me into the person I am today. My morals, my understanding of the world around me and my family would all be different had Young Judaea not influenced me during the most important times of my life.

Now, Young Judaea is at a crossroads. After 45 years under the wing of Hadassah, we have become an independent organization. The future of YJ, America’s largest and most successful Zionist youth movement, is now fully in the hands of our alumni, families, and friends.  

For decades, Young Judaeans have been singing, “Ani v’Atah Neshaneh et Ha’Olam, You and I will change the world.” Along with those words we have, in fact, also changed the world. As a movement and as individuals we have influenced and shaped some of the most important trends and institutions in Israel and the American Jewish Community.

But will we continue to change the world? Will future generations of Judaeans have the opportunity to explore their own Jewish identities and relationships to Israel with the same burning passion that drove previous generations to ask, “If not me, then who?”    

In order to survive and thrive as an independent organization, we need your support like never before. We need everyone to pitch in to help with scholarships like the ones that allowed me to go to camp and Israel when I was a kid, and with funds to keep growing our award-winning Israel programs. Thousands of teens and young adults between the ages of seven to 35 depend on this support each year.

If you gave a gift last year, thank you. Please consider increasing your gift this year to help fill in the gap. If you were waiting for the right time to include Young Judaea in your generosity at year-end, please wait no more. All donations will be matched by a generous Judaean donor up to $100,000.

The future truly is in our hands, both yours and mine.

Thank you for your commitment.

MikeBerman Mike Berman President, Young Judaea Board of Directors


PS – As an independent organization for the first time in more than 50 years, we rely on your generosity. Please consider a gift of $180 or more to support a Judaean in need at camp or in Israel.

PPS – This is the year we need ALL our alumni, families and friends to step in. No one else will. You can give online at or contact Director of Development and Alumni Relations Jeffrey Cahn at or (646) 292-2394 with your offer of support or to volunteer.

Young Judaea Global, Inc. is a tax-exempt charity under the IRS code section 501c3.

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