Year Course The Spirit of Arik Einstein

By YJ Israel

Year Course participant Steph Blizter reflects on Arik Einstein’s passing

Even before I went to CYJ Sprout Lake (starting in Ofarim) I was singing Arik Einstein’s music.  “Ani V’Ata” was my anthem by 4th grade; the song helped me define what I believe is my purpose in the world.

steph_memorialLast night (November 26th) at 11:45 pm, I was out with some friends when I heard the song “Oof Gozal” being sung by some people out on the streets. Memories of camp and year round activities washed over me.  I was confused as to why people would be singing the song until I got home and saw the news on the Internet.

“Arik Einstein passes away at the age of 74” is what the headlines read.

November 27th was an all around somber day.  The sky was gray and the feeling in the air was gloomy.  A group of us from Year Course felt obligated to pay our respects to the man who composed the songs we sang as we created some of our best memories as campers.  We caught a bus to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv from our apartments in Jerusalem to attend the memorial service.

The ceremony was moving.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and others spoke in front of a large crowd of thousands of people wearing red (for HaPoel Tel Aviv) reminiscing about Arik Einstein and his impact on people around the world.

I felt compelled to attend the ceremony; it was important to me.  Although I’m not one to cry over the loss of a celebrity, I couldn’t help but shed einstein9some tears because Arik Einstein was more than a celebrity.  Arik was a thoughtful, modest, talented musician who greatly influenced my friends and me.  It will be different singing his songs in the future; it is no longer singing with him about his dreams, it will now be singing in his memory trying harder than ever to make his dreams a reality.

You and I will change the world  אני ואתה נשנה את  העולם

And we will together, in the spirit of Arik Einstein.

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