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  • time Recent High School Graduates: 17-19 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv-Yafo and Jerusalem
  • duration Nine Months
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What You’ll Learn

Year Course offers a full range of dynamic and fun classes for you to take during the year. Below are some of the courses that have been offered in recent years. This will give you a good idea as to offerings you’ll be able to choose from when you come on Year Course!

Siyyurim (Excursion) Courses (3 – 4 Credits)

Some things can only be learned in Israel and only out in the real world of Israel! Year Course offers intense, ‘field’ based courses that combine classroom study with ‘siyyur’ excursions. See the places and meet the people who make this country unlike any other in the world and get a first-hand view of reality with the following courses:

  • The Jerusalem Idea (HIS111) Syllabus
  • The Zionist Idea (HIS170) Syllabus
  • The Tel Aviv Idea (SOC178) Syllabus Coming Soon

Hebrew Ulpan (2-8 Credits – Jerusalem/Tel Aviv Yafo)

All Year Course students participate in ongoing Hebrew language and literature instruction at their own level. ‘Ulpan’ classes introduce or expand skills in written and verbal communication and expose students to aspects of Hebrew music, film and literature. Ongoing written and oral assignments reinforce classroom learning. Students are assigned a class level based on a standardized placement exam at the beginning of each term.

College Writing (3 Credits – Jerusalem)

College Writing is a semester course in academic writing skills and critical reading. Students will become familiar with the basic components of structurally and logically sound writing, learn to identify and correct technical errors in their own compositions, and gain an understanding of how different writing strategies serve different purposes. There will also be four creative writing workshops.

Judaic and Israel Studies Courses (3 Credits Each – Jerusalem/Tel Aviv Yafo)

A broad spectrum of topics and ideas meant to engage you in thought, debate and reflection:

Service Learning (3 Credits – Tel Aviv Yafo)

As with all aspects of Year Course, our extensive volunteer experience is undertaken with intentionality and based on our movement ideology. The Service Learning course allows students to reflect on the volunteer work they do in the context of this ideology, Jewish and Zionist principals. It is a change to gain new skills and share experiences and insights with fellow volunteers.

Specialty Program Courses (1-3 Credits)

These courses are offered as part of specialty trips and programs:

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