Alternative Winter Break Cleaning House for Kato

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Rebecca wraps it up!

Today volunteering at the Animal Rescue New Orleans animal shelter I had a great time. This animal shelter was created to rescue and aid abandoned animals no matter how old or young, sick or healthy, mistreated or loved.  They also find family’s for the animals or return animals to their care takers if they were separated. The organization was founded in October 2005 by Jane Garrison and two of her friends.  Since then they have found homes for 8,000 animals and continue to save, help, and find homes for animals. There I had a chance of interacting with dogs and cats ranging from puppies and up. The animals were all very friendly.

On our visit I cleaned cages so when the dogs came back they would have a clean cage ready for them, I got to walk the cutest puppy ever named Kato, and cleaned the litter boxes for the cats so they were clean. When we walked in and I saw all the animals I was amazed.  I did not get how people could just give up animals or beat them. I personally would never be able to do that.  All I wanted to do was be with the animals and give them attention and just hold them.  I was glad that people gave up there time to come volunteer and walk the dogs and be there for them even though today was Christmas.  It was the sweetest thing ever.By doing this we helped the shelter get a lot done in a short amount of time. All the people working at the shelter were volunteers and just did it because they loved animals and cared for them. We made a difference and got a lot of work done and helped the animals so they had a clean place and were happy.

Rebecca Grossman – 12th Grade, Brooklyn, NY

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