Kir HaAhava
(Wall of Love)

Did you meet your loved one or best friend in Young Judaea or at Tel Yehudah?
Are you a multi-generational Young Judaea family?

For generations, Young Judaea and Tel Yehudah have helped create life long loving relationships. Friendships have flourished and been sustained. Couples have fallen for one another. And new generations have sprouted. Celebrate your love, your friendships and your families by dedicating a plaque on the Young Judaea Kir HaAhava (Wall of Love)!

The brand new Kir HaAhava will be located in the new Sifriyah and Educational Center which will open in summer 2018. It will serve as a living testimony to the power of relationships built on Judaean foundations. Reserve your spot on the wall by ordering a plaque today. (All names will also be listed on the new Kir HaAhava website.)

Small plaques

  • $360
  • Two names (For couples and best friends)

Large plaques

  • $720
  • Two or more names (For families and groups of friends)

Funds raised via this initiative will be allocated towards chanichim scholarships.