Summer Camp 10 Reasons Why Kids Should Go To YJ Summer Camps

By Young Judaea

Written by Fanny Korman, Tel Yehudah Board Chair

Combined, my husband Roger, our three kids and I have spent at least 44 years at Young Judaea camps, specifically Sprout Lake, CJ and Tel Yehudah. When I was asked to summarize why it is a good idea to send kids and teens to Jewish camp, in particular a Young Judaea camp, I took the instinctive approach – no scientific data, only my emotional and experiential impression. This has been the beacon lighting the way throughout my life and guiding me as I work to make sure that Camp Tel Yehudah remains strong and magical for generations to come! 

Mind you, I consider myself an expert on this subject having been a camper and staff member at Tel Yehudah. It only takes one summer at TY to understand at a very deep level why going to a Young Judaea camp is so crucial to a Jewish child’s life and our combined 44 years YJ camping experience might just make me an expert. To me, the simple answer to the question of why to send your kids to Young Judaea camps would be, “send a kid to Tel Yehudah  camp for a summer and you have a committed member of the Jewish community for life!”. 

That being said, I didn’t want to go on and on about one of my favorite topics without talking to some of my “resident maivens”. After consulting my husband Roger, I went to my personal source of all important information – our children. 

So, with the help of my mavens, here are the Top 10 reasons to send your children, grandchildren and any Jewish child and teen to a Young Judaea camp (in no particular order):

There are, of course, many more reasons why one should send kids and teens to Young Judaea camps, so consider this a starting point for the top 100 reasons! What’s on your list?

Young Judaea summer programs are worth our support. Think of the impact they will have on our children’s lives and the future of Israel and the Jewish community. Forward Together!

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