Eliana Sarfati-Magill – Ofarim/Tzofim Programmer


My name is Eliana Sarfati-Magill, but more or less everyone in YJ calls me Eli (eh-lee). From Brooklyn New York born and raised and I’ve lived in the same house since day one. I’m the national OTP (Offarim tzofim programmer), this means many things, one of which being that I identify as a fun-loving hooligan. A motto of mine is meaningful shenanigans, it’s my way of saying that I want to always be having fun and doing things that are both memorable and meaningful/significant in whatever capacity that may be. That’s was my attitude toward being a counselor at Sprout this summer, and stays true in my plans for events aimed at our young Young Judaeans this year.

I’ve been a Judaean since my first day at Sprout as a second year Tzofim in 2010, and since then camp and YJ have been a huge part of my life. I loved being a camper at Sprout, and then Ty, and then being on H+ back at Sprout. My love for YJ started with all of my experiences at camp and my love for all of my camp friends and the overall , camp community and grew into (what some might call an obsession or)  love for YJ as a movement.

This overall impression of what YJ is why people stay involved, and that’s what I want to give to the Offarim and tzofim age kids.  My life would be completely different with out Young Judaea, and I think that showing young kids how amazing the movement is will make them want to not only  a part of the movement, but be more involved as they get older. I can’t wait to spend the year planning and participating in shenanigans full  of Zionism, pluralism, peer leadership, social action, and Jewish identity!