Midwest Spring Convention 2020 FAQ

When and Where is Midwest Spring Convention?

April 2nd-5th, 2020. Camp Henry Horner/Nageela Midwest, Ingleside, IL (same location as previously, the camp is under new ownership)

Who is eligible to come to Midwest Spring Convention?

All Jewish teens, grades 8-12, who are interested in becoming more involved in Young Judaea, learning about Israel and being together for Shabbat. Like all Young Judaea programming, the weekend will be planned by our regional Mazkirut (youth board) along with their advisors and the madrichim (counselors). The program will include fun and engaging activities relating to Israel, Jewish Identity and Tikkun Olam (changing the world).

How much does Midwest Spring Convention cost?
The convention fee for the teens flying to convention is $275 + travel. The fee for those not flying is $325.  This was done to help equalize the amount that teens from around the Midwest need to pay for convention.  If the participant needs transportation to the convention and is not flying there will be a $30 bus fee for both ways and $20 for one way.  You can pay for this on the registration site.  FLIGHTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

How do I register?
Registration is done entirely online; in order for participants to register just go to this link: http://www.regpacks.com/yjreg– you simply choose the event Midwest Spring Convention 2020. IF YOU HAVE EVER REGISTERED FOR A YJ YEAR-ROUND CONVENTION OR OTHER NON-CAMP PROGRAM, YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT. IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF YOUR ACCOUNT LOG IN, PLEASE EMAIL yjconvention@youngjudaea.org or call 917-595-2100 *219

Are subsidies available?
Yes, though our subsidy funds are limited, we want to have every teen that is interested attend. Please complete this SUBSIDY REQUEST FORM and we will respond to your request within 48 hours (unless it is Friday or Shabbat). We highly encourage you to set up your own fundraising page on our
CLASSY DONATION PAGE. Check out our FUNDRAISING GUIDE  for more information.

Do I need to fill out any forms?

Most forms are on regpacks when you register besides our release form. Each participant and parent/guardian MUST sign this form and send to yjconvention@youngjudaea.org.


What are the travel guidelines?

Bus transportation will be automatically provided for those arriving by plane, free of charge. Please do not select the separate bus product if you are flying to/from convention.

If you are being dropped off at the airport and taking the bus to/from convention but NOT FLYING, the fee for bus transportation will be $20 for one direction, $30 for both. Please add bus transportation in your cart if you are planning on taking the bus but are not flying. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THE BUS IF YOU ARE FLYING IN.

*Participants planning to fly into Midway, should arrive between 4:00pm and 6:30pm on Thursday, April 2nd, and flights should depart between 1:15pm and 4pm on Sunday, April 5th.  Please note that we will not have staff at the airport before this time so your teen will need to wait.  Local teens should be dropped off no later than 6:30pm on Thursday or risk missing the bus.

* Participants planning to fly into O’Hare should arrive between 4:30pm and 7:00pm on Thursday, April 2nd and flights should depart between 12:30pm and 2:30pm on Sunday, April 5th.  Please note that we will not have staff at the airport before this time so your teen will need to wait.  Local teens should be dropped off no later than 7:00pm on Thursday or risk missing the bus.

* Participants that live locally are welcome to take the bus from Midway, O’Hare, or Northbrook Court for a fee of $30 both ways ($20 one way). If you are taking the Northbrook Bus please arrive to Northbrook Court: 1515 Lake Cook Rd at approximately 8:00pm or risk missing the bus (scheduled to depart at 8:15pm). Exact pickup location will be at the corner between the AMC theater and Arhaus entrance, a map will be sent to all participants that choose this option. Bus transportation will be added to your cart if you are planning on taking the bus but are not flying. For more information on the bus from the airports Northbrook Court please contact yjconvention@youngjudaea.org.


* Sometimes participants from Ann Arbor have taken Megabus. If you are planning to take the Megabus should contact us at yjconvention@youngjudaea.org  before purchasing tickets.  There is a bus that leaves Ann Arbor at 3:15pm and arrives at 6:45pm.  This is the only bus that we can accommodate unless your teen takes the bus that leaves at 9:15am and can make their way to one of the airports or to a friend’s.  The departure bus is 2:30pm and if you are okay with your teen waiting nearby the stop for a few hours, we can get them to that bus.  Otherwise, please consider flying your teen to convention.

* Participants being driven to Camp Henry Horner/Nageela Midwest, drop off time on Thursday is 9pm to 9:30pm and pick up on Sunday is 9:00am.

All transportation questions can be sent to – yjconvention@youngjudaea.org

I can only find flights that arrive after or depart before/after the times you listed. Can I still take them?
Unfortunately we cannot offer that much leeway on this, the Midwest Spring Convention schedule is precise and our time is extremely limited. Flights must arrive at the prescribed times. We simply will not have drivers and vehicles to cater to those who travel outside of the parameters listed. Additionally, if a participant tries to book a flight that departs before our suggested departure time, they will not make their flight.  If your flight arrives earlier than our staff can be at the airport or departs later, you are permitted to wait alone at the airport if your parent/guardian gives permission.

What should I do if I am flying as an unaccompanied minor to Convention? Will there be someone to pick me up?
Please make sure to check with your airline provider what their specific rules and regulations are for flying as an unaccompanied minor. Each airline has a different procedure and some charge fees for this service. Once you check these rules with your airline, please contact us at yjconvention@youngjudaea.org so we can provide you with the information needed for the airline of our staff member who will be escorting you from the gate to baggage claim.  If there is a fee from the airline, that fee must be covered by the parents or guardians of the participants. To be considered an unaccompanied minor, your airline must have on record our staff member’s information.

What are the travel guidelines if I am driving to and from Convention?
Participants under 18 are encouraged NOT to drive themselves to convention.  This is contrary to Young Judaea policy and anyone driving to convention must be dropped off and picked up by a parent or guardian.  However, seasoned drivers are permitted to drive themselves and other teens with permission from parents. Please contact yjconvention@youngjudaea.org for a permission slip.

If you live locally, we are providing a bus from Midway, O’Hare, and Northbrook Court to and from convention, which can help alleviate some of the travel time for individual parent/guardians. The charge for taking the bus is $20 for one direction or $30 for both.  This fee does not apply to those taking flights.  For more information on the bus from the airports please contact yjconvention@youngjudaea.org or see above section “What are the travel guidelines?”

What are the travel guidelines if I would like my parents/guardians to drop me off and pick me up at Camp Henry Horner/Nageela Midwest?

Participants may be dropped off and picked up at Henry Horner/Nageela Midwest by their parents/guardians. If you are being driven to Convention, please plan to arrive between 9pm and 9:30pm on Thursday, March 5th. If you are being picked up at Convention on Sunday, March 8th, please plan to depart at 9am.

What should I pack?

4 shirts

4 pairs of pants

4 pairs of socks

4 pairs of underwear

1 pair of nice clothing appropriate for Shabbat dinner

a kipah (optional)

toiletries (shampoo, soap ,toothpaste etc.)

a towel

a sleeping bag

a pillow

money for a YJ tshirt or other merchandise (price TBD)

a warm jacket

What is the cancellation policy for Convention?
If you cancel your participation before March 1st, 2020, you will be eligible for a 100% program refund minus a $25 cancellation fee. If you cancel your registration between March 1st and March 15th, you will be eligible for a 50% refund.  If you cancel after March 15th, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Young Judaea reserves the right to cancel Midwest Spring Convention, or change any of the itinerary due to low enrollment security or other reason as determined by Young Judaea’s sole and absolute discretion.

Program prices are subject to change in Young Judaea’s sole and absolute discretion. Young Judaea shall not be held responsible for fees or damages associated with such cancellation that participants may incur.

For any questions about travel, registration or other logistics, contact yjconvention@youngjudaea.org

Regardless of when you cancel, if cancellation occurs after you have purchased an airline ticket, you will be responsible for the full price of the airline ticket. In the event Young Judaea cancels Midwest Spring Convention, Young Judaea shall not be responsible for any fees or damages associated with such cancellation that participant may incur (including flights). No refunds will be given for participants who are dismissed and/or otherwise removed from or leave Midwest Spring Convention for any reason (voluntary or involuntary) once the program has commenced.

Note: All flight expenses are the responsibility of the participant.