AWB Dates & Cost


December 23rd – December 28th, 2018


The Cost of AWB Puerto Rico is $500. Young Judaea is committed to offering programs that are as affordable as possible without compromising the integrity or quality of the experience. There are a variety of subsidies available. Please contact for information about subsidies and scholarships.


What the Fee Covers

  • Room and board, including three kosher meals a day.
  • Transportation throughout the trip, including a bus to/from the airport, as well as buses and vans to and from volunteer sites.
  • Staff supervision. We pride ourselves on the excellence of our staff and counselors in providing a safe and supervised trip, as well as the high quality of our staff as educators and role models as Jewish activists. There will be at least one Young Judaea staff member to every eight participants.
  • Non-volunteer activities: this may include boat rides, museums and other exciting opportunities that Charleston has to offer.

Subsidy Information

Due to some generous gifts toward AWB, we are able to offer more subsidies and different types of discounts than we have in the past. These may include:

  • “Bring a Chaver” – Current Young Judaeans will be able to receive $50 off the total price of AWB if they bring a brand new participant (no prior Young Judaea program or camp participant). The new “Judaean” will also receive $50. Both discounts will be applied only after the new participant fully registers and pays. These subsidies are limited so participants are encouraged to recruit new friends early in the process.
  • “Matching” – Participants can be set up with a “Friendraising Page” where they will be able to create a personalized fundraising page through the Young Judaea system. Young Judaea will match the first $100 for the first 20 individuals who raise this amount.

As we continue with our fundraising, more subsidies may be made available Particpants may combine early bird and both “bring a chaver” and “matching” subsidies. For more information about fundraising and to request a fundraising packet immediately, please email