Your ten days in Israel

This is just a sample itinerary, so some things may change slightly, but these are the types of experiences you can expect from your free ten-day trip with Birthright Israel: Young Judaea

Day 1: Farewell, North America. Hello, Israel!


Let the energy of Israel revive you after your  transatlantic flight. You’ll have the chance to get acquainted with your peers in your group as you travel to the mountain city of Tzfat, the centuries old center of Jewish mysticism. Along the ancient streets of the Old City of Tzfat, you’ll see everything from true believers to artists and  outdoor market vendors selling Kabbalah tchotchkes.


Day 2: Expansive landscape. New perspective.


Find out why hiking and experiencing the land is such a huge part of Israeli culture! After breakfast at the kibbutz, you’ll head to the Golan Heights for a hike along the plush Majrassa River in the North of Israel. Climb the summit of Mount Bental to see breathtaking views of Northern Israel  as well as parts of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon!


Day 3: Art education. Tel Aviv style.


Follow-up your dose of nature and serenity with a visit to Israel’s youthful, energetic, and cosmopolitan center—Tel Aviv! Night clubs, beautiful beaches, and intensely artistic graffiti recognized around the world, Tel Aviv has it all. And you’ll be exploring the city with half a dozen new friends: the Israeli soldiers who will join us today and offer a whole new perspective on the country you’re getting to know.


Day 4: Dawn in Tel Aviv, Dusk in Jerusalem


After a morning on your own exploring Tel Aviv, we’ll head to Jerusalem, where you’ll experience something truly unforgettable—Shabbat at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site in the world. Jews of all types—from Orthodox scholars to flip flopped college students—come together to share in the celebration.


Day 5: A lively trip. A day of rest.


Jerusalem during Shabbat is amazingly quiet, and it’s particularly special to experience it after the frenetic excitement of the night before. On this relaxed day, you’ll get a chance to chat with new friends, explore the neighborhood around your hotel, and take the time to pause and reflect.


Day 6: Old Jerusalem. New you.


Dive into the two sides of Jerusalem, a home for religion and the heart of the Jewish nation. Chat about the different sides of this country with the Israeli soldiers in your group as you tour the Old City, pay a visit to the National Cemetery at Har Herzl, and finally get the most personal insight of all: share a meal at the home of one of the soldier’s families.


Day 7: Remembering the lost. Honoring survivors.


Spend the morning at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem’s Holocaust Museum.  Known for its incredibly powerful experience, you’ll see and learn about the tragedy of the Jewish people, and understand Israel in a way you’ve never experienced before.    Afterwards, you’ll take the bus into the Negev desert for an evening of star-gazing and reflection.


Day 8: The desert sun. A star-filled night.


In the Negev, the desert truly does bloom—there’s adventure, discovery, and natural wonder. Survey the rocky craters strewn across the landscape, and take a camel ride across the desert. Visit and explore an artist colony before you end the day with an amazing Bedouin experience—enjoy a traditional dinner under a colorful Bedouin tent canopy and a roaring bonfire to warm the chill desert night.


Day 9: Mountaintop drama. Spa serenity.


You won’t believe the sunrise view from the mountaintop of Masada, where history, quite literally, comes to life. (No joke, your trip guide may very well offer an enthusiastic dramatization of the historic siege here— costume and all!) After breakfast,  head to the Dead Sea for a little R&R at the mineral beach. If you still have any troubles by this point, let them simply drift away while you float in the salty and healing waters.


Day 10: Ten-day trip. Inspiration for a lifetime.


Before you head home, swap cell numbers with the new friends you made—you’ve shared something that binds you for life. Yes, it’s been fun, but good times have only heightened just how meaningful the trip has been. So today, we say goodbye, but it’s just the beginning of your journey.