The Zionist Ideas

Young Judaea is proud to power the discussion and educational materials surrounding historian, author, and YJ alumnus Gil Troy’s newest book, The Zionist Ideas.

As you become acquainted with The Zionist ideas, it will be easy to understand why Young Judaea is eager to help disseminate this important work. The plurality of views and ideals expressed throughout the book address some of the most critical questions facing Israel and the Jewish people today – both on an individual and a collective level. In this fast-changing world, it is crucial we engage in the great diversity of thoughts and ideas that shape the Zionist narrative, and the questions that they raise.

No other book in recent memory has embodied the principles of Young Judaea’s educational philosophy more than Arthur Hertzberg’s “The Zionist Idea.” Gil Troy’s update and expansion of that seminal work is more than timely.  It is vital that we welcome each Jewish generation into this dialogue, so that all may find their voice and connection to it.

As Gil Troy wrote on the occasion of Young Judaea’s centennial in 2009, “Zionism is more than pro-Israelism, not just the Jewish national liberation movement reestablishing our homeland, but a vehicle of individual liberation fulfilling big dreams, personally and collectively, Jewishly and universally.”

The Zionist Ideas is a book for Klal Yisrael, all Jewish people, to help us examine our visions and values; and, like the mission of Young Judaea, to nurture a strong and continued dedication to the Zionist dream.