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Year Course in Israel

In nearly 65 years, Year Course has never cancelled or closed, as long as we have felt that it is safe and meaningful to stay in the country. We are proud to still be running in Israel now.

Year Coursers have taken every opportunity to volunteer and help Israeli society – working the fields to help farmers, packing and delivering supplies for vulnerable and elderly citizens, raising funds for organizations with whom they’ve engaged this year, and working to uplift children and teens with whom they’ve volunteered. We are incredibly proud of our Year Coursers, but we are not surprised: time and again, Year Course has been here when Israel needs our help, and this current situation is no exception. Check out our Facebook and Instagram to see what we’re doing!

This coming September, we’ll be welcoming one of our largest Year Course groups in recent memory. We have continued to receive a record number of applications throughout the last two months and anticipate many more will decide to join us in the fall. We are working one on one with every applicant and family to make the Year Course gap year dream a reality. While we are making every effort for Year Course 2020-21 to start normally in September and believe it will, we are also preparing a variety of alternate starting options should we be mandated to do so, or deem those changes necessary to protect the health and safety of our participants.

Who Are We?

Young Judaea is America’s oldest Zionist youth movement, turning spirited Jewish youth of diverse backgrounds and orientations into engaged leaders and inspired activists with a life-long commitment to Israel, Jewish life and tikkun olam (repairing the world).