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  • time Recent High School Graduates: 17-19 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv-Yafo and Jerusalem
  • duration Nine Months
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Arts Track

The Arts Track of Year Course is designed to expose you to the vibrant visual and performing arts scene in Israel through an array of visits, tours and experiences within the community of Jewish and Israeli artists, while encouraging you to find your own artistic expression. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of Israel’s leading artists, as well as up-and-coming talents. The track is an opportunity for you to develop your skills and gain a better understanding of all aspects of the classic arts including voice, dance, and theater along with painting and sketching.

Arts track participants will participate in the “Zionizm and the Arts” class as part of their regular class schedule during the academic semester. They will have weekly enrichment activities throughout the year as well as 2 overnight trips and are eligible for 3 extra college credits.


Teen girl painting


  • Visiting the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
  • Participating in workshops such as glass design, pottery, painting, improvisation, photography etc.
  • Meeting artists and learn about their crafts: ceramics, print, photography and other exciting fields
  • Visiting Israel’s leading galleries and museums and explore contemporary Israeli art Meet new immigrant artists like Pablo Rosenberg and learn about their ways into the center of Israel’s public eye
  • Seeing Mayumana (Israeli Stomp!) and learning body drumming from them
  • Visiting Ein Hod, an amazing artists village next to Zichron Ya’akov
  • Seeing Israeli rock concerts and dance performances

Prior experience with Visual or performing Arts is recommended but not needed in order to be a participant in this program. Those who want to explore the field just for fun, those who want to challenge themselves while sharpening their artistic abilities, and those considering a possible future in performing or visual arts will be a perfect match for this program!

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