Israel Programs Year Course

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  • time Recent High School Graduates: 17-19 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv-Yafo and Jerusalem
  • duration Nine Months
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Meet Our Staff

Year Course maintains a highly qualified administrative and educational staff in Israel under the supervision of its director, Kate Nachman.

Groups are staffed by qualified Israeli, American, and British madrichim (group leaders). Madrichim are selected on the basis of their Jewish and Israeli backgrounds, experience in youth work, as well as emotional stability and maturity. Many of them are Year Course alumni. All American and British counselors are college graduates and all Israeli counselors have completed their required military or national service.

Year Course faculty have extensive experience in formal and/or informal education, have earned, minimally, an M.A. (with the exception of Ulpan teachers) and are approved by the American Jewish University (AJU).

Year Course Staff

The following are key members of the Year Course Staff:

Kate Nachman Director of Year Course

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Joel Srebernick Section Manager Tel Aviv

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Max Kopitchinski Director of Specialty Programs and Israel Experience

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Orit Segal Director of Ulpan

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Dr. Avi Rose Director of Education

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