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Kickstart your career and grow your talent while living like an Israeli

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  • time 21 - 35 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv
  • duration Five Months
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Do It for Your Career!

  • Our network of 8000+ alumni would be thrilled to help you as you join their ranks
  • 90% of our participants say being on WUJS helped them find a job back home and 30% of our participants receive job offers from their internship
  • Our internships are tailored to your individual needs
  • Get to know your boss and work culture before you start
  • We’ve been at it the longest (since 1968!) so we really know what we’re doing

Do It for Yourself!

  • WUJS provides Hebrew classes to enable our participants to engage deeper with Israelis and within Israeli society. At the beginning of the program WUJS participants undergo a mandatory 1 week intensive Hebrew course. Over the next 4 months, WUJS participants will have the option to join an Ulpan class twice a week, 2 hours each class totaling roughly 80 hours of Hebrew learning!

Should WUJS participants take the classes seriously they can greatly improve their Hebrew ability! At the end of this 4 month course, with enough interest there is an option to continue Ulpan for the last month of the program.

  • Forge authentic relationships with Israelis and other people from around the world by living, working and traveling with them
  • Participate in monthly trips around the country to help you gain an appreciation and love for Israel
  • We give you the space to express your Judaism your way
  • Being a part of Young Judaea ties you to America’s oldest Zionist youth movement with a rich history of Jewish leadership and impact



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