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  • time 21 - 35 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv
  • duration Five Months
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We know that a good part of your focus during this time is going to be on solidifying a great internship placement and preparing for your adventure in Israel. However, you’re going to want to make sure you don’t forget these few things:

You will need to obtain an A2 Student Visa as you will be here longer than the 3 month tourist visa allows. You can apply for your A2 student visa through your nearest Israeli consulate. You will need both your WUJS acceptance letter as well as your Masa scholarship letting which will waive the fee for the visa. If an issue arises where the A2 visa could not be pre-arranged before the start of the program you will receive a 3 month visa upon arrival in Israel and you can arrange for your A2 visa in Israel. Please keep in mind that residents of the former Soviet Union MUST have their A2 visa BEFORE arriving in Israel.

You should bring at least two photo ID documents. If you plan on renting a car in Israel at some point you will need an international driving license. We also recommend making a copy of your passport by scanning and saving it online in the event it gets lost or stolen.

Please remember to bring medication with you. You will be here for 5 months and it is recommended that you bring enough medication to get you through that time. If this is impossible, we recommend bringing with you as much medication as you can along with a prescription from your doctor including the ingredients. In the event that Israel does not carry the same name brand medication that you’ve brought, that will allow the doctors to prescribe you the Israeli equivalent.

We recommend to insure your belongings. WUJS Israel’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings. If you are bringing anything of value – jewelry, electronic devices, etc. – they should be insured. Under no circumstances will WUJS Israel cover any damage, loss or theft of your belongings.

If you’re thinking about making aliyah, WUJS is a great stepping-stone for someone who is considering Aliyah and gaining experience in the Israeli work field. Spending five months in Israel before Aliyah can help ease your transition to Israeli life. Additionally, being on WUJS will help you build professional and personal connections as well as a sense of community. WUJS Intern makes special efforts to expose its participants to Israeli society and to help them feel comfortable in their surroundings.

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