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  • time 21 - 35 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv
  • duration Five Months
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Much of your focus will be on arranging your internship or art placement, and looking forward to the life-changing experience you’ll have! But don’t forget to take care of the following details before you come on WUJS:

  1. Arrange for an A2 Student Visa with your local Israeli consulate. All program participants should arrange an A2 visa with the Israeli consulate in their region before arrival to Israel. If an issue arises where an A2 visa was not pre-arranged before the start of the program you will receive a 3 month visa upon arrival in Israel and you can arrange your visa in Israel. Residents of the former Soviet Union MUST have their A2 visa BEFORE arriving in Israel.
  2. Plan to bring medication with you.
  3. Get your documents in order. You should bring at least two photo ID documents. If you plan on ever renting a car in Israel you will need an international driving license. We also recommend making a copy of your passport by scanning and saving it online in the event it gets lost or stolen.
  4. Insure your belongings. WUJS Israel’s insurance does not cover your personal belongings. If you are bringing anything of value – jewelry, electronic devices, etc. – they should be insured. Under no circumstances will WUJS Israel cover any damage, loss or theft of your belongings.

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