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Amirim offers the perfect blend of structure and freedom to explore Israel on your own while enjoying a rich program itinerary.

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  • time 18 - 26 Years Old
  • location Tel Aviv
  • duration One or Two Months
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Where You’ll Intern/Volunteer

On Amirim you’ll make an impact and be impacted. While interning or volunteering, you’ll be moved and possibly even inspired to take a new career path. Now that you’ll have some great resume-building experiences, you’ll be well on your way to success.

On Amirim 8 weeks, you will intern four – five days per week, between five to eight hours a day, in your field interest. You will have the opportunity to intern with a start-up company, NGO, photography studio, media tech company, etc.

On Amirim 4 weeks, you will volunteer four – five days per week, between five to eight hours a day in your area of interest. You will have the opportunity to volunteer in schools, with special-needs children, animal shelters, community gardens, etc. Please note, it is not possible to volunteer in a “formal” working environment such as an office, a medical field, tech companies, etc.

We offer a variety of internships and volunteer options that address important issues in contemporary Israeli society. There’s no guarantee for next year, but we are certain we’ll find the right organization where you can make a meaningful difference.

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If you need additional information please contact us at or call us at 1-866-599-2534.