Midwest Young Judaea Newsletter Mollie Kramer: A Letter from Year Course in Israel

By Sharon Schoenfeld
Mollie (center) and some of the women of Year Course

Hi Midwesties!

I’m writing this from Ben Gurion International Airport waiting at the gate for my flight to Poland. I’m about to go on Kuma, the Year Course trip that takes a group all around Poland and teaches us about the Polish Jewish community before, during, and after the Holocaust. When I’m not sitting in airports, I live in Tel Aviv and volunteer at a farm in Bat Yam. I’m pretty new to the city though because I just moved here from living on Kibbutz Ketura for two months. It was amazing volunteering at a place that could only exist in Israel, and only does exist because Young Judaeans worked to create it. It was so interesting talking to some of the founders and comparing how YJ has changed through the years. Year Course has truly opened me up to a new side of YJ, but more importantly a new side of myself. Year Course has been a wonderful experience so far and I hope to make the most of the last few months I have left in Israel.

~ Mollie is the former Mazkira (President) of Midwest Young Judaea and a former Midwest and Tel Yehudah Camper. She worked at CYJ Midwest last summer and is participating in the Camp Counselor Fellowship Track on Year Course in order to return to CYJ Midwest.

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