Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina descended upon New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and tore apart homes, streets, communities, lives, dreams, and the belief that we as a nation protect our cities from natural forces and minimize suffering.

The work of rebuilding pushes ahead but the wounds are still deep and so many remain painfully exposed. We at YJ remain proudly committed to the rebuilding of New Orleans and supporting the city’s Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.

Each year Young Judaeans are asked where we need to go for Alternative Winter Break and each year they insist on returning to New Orleans.

In this special edition newsletter, read about our NOLA friends, learn more about what happened and how YJ responded.  See below to the right for a collection of important articles about what has happened since 2005.

Thank you for supporting this wonderful program and the great teens and students who participate.

Sharon Schoenfeld

Director, Young Judaea Year Round Programs


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