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IsraelPro Basics

Am I Eligible for IsraelPro?

IsraelPro is open to self-identifying Jewish college or university graduates between the ages of 19-35. Participants can be single or married without children. In order to participate in the program you should have a decent level of English. This ensures that you will be able to understand, speak, read and write on a level that will allow you to participate in discussions and to communicate with the staff and your peers.

Should I do IsraelPro if I'm Planning to Make Aliyah?

We think so! IsraelPro is a great stepping-stone for someone who is considering Aliyah. Spending five months in Israel before Aliyah can help ease your transition to Israeli life. Additionally, being on IsraelPro will help you build professional and personal connections as well as a sense of community. IsraelPro makes special efforts to expose its participants to Israeli society and to help them feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Will I Earn a Certificate?

Upon successfully completing the program, you will receive a certificate of completion from IsraelPro. In addition, you will receive a letter of recommendation from the IsraelPro staff and the internship in which you were placed.

Do I Need to Speak English?

All classes and activities are conducted in English, apart from the Hebrew language ulpan. While IsraelPro participants come from around the world and speak a variety of languages, all of the official communication between the staff and participants is in English. Those participants who can communicate in Hebrew will have a wider choice of internship placements available to them.

I'm Religiously Observant. Can I Do IsraelPro?

Absolutely! If possible, we will try to create separate apartments for all those who keep kosher. In cases when this is not possible, we will provide you with your own utensils. In regards to Shabbat, all program activities will be “Shomer Shabbat” but participants are allowed to behave according to their own beliefs in their apartments. Being religious can mean different things to each person and the level of observance can vary significantly. If you have more specific questions on that matter, please contact us at

Will I have the Chance to Meet Israelis?

Yes, but it will depend on your own efforts to take advantage of the opportunities. Depending on the number of applicants who come on the program we invite Israeli peers – either participants or young professionals – to take part in some IsraelPro programming. The program also tries to build connections with Israelis through events and combined activities. These opportunities allow participants to meet Israelis of similar age, to learn about Israeli society and culture, and create new friendships with Israelis that will last a lifetime. Participants also live in rented apartments which are surrounded by Israeli neighbors.


Learning Hebrew

Will I Really Learn Hebrew on IsraelPro?

IsraelPro provides Hebrew classes to enable our participants to engage deeper with Israelis and within Israeli society. At the beginning of the program IsraelPro participants undergo a mandatory 1 week intensive Hebrew course. Over the next 4 months, IsraelPro participants will have the option to join an Ulpan class twice a week, 2 hours each class totaling roughly 80 hours of Hebrew learning!

If Everyone Speaks English, How Will I Learn Hebrew?

While it is true that participants tend to use English outside of the Hebrew classroom, you will find that you can speak as much Hebrew as you desire. Our participants are highly motivated learners and the participant body is homogeneous in terms of age. All this creates an atmosphere of serious study and enables motivated participants to advance rapidly.

Will I Learn Enough Hebrew to Work in Israel?

Your fluency in Hebrew upon completing IsraelPro will depend on three factors: how much Hebrew you started with, your own linguistic ability, and the extent to which you apply yourself during the program. IsraelPro is proud to provide its participantswith a firm foundation of Hebrew and we are confident that our participants will have a strong enough base to successfully work in Israel. If your profession is not one in which fluency is a necessity, you should have enough Hebrew by the end of the course to begin working. However, certain professions – such as law, psychology, and social work – require more interaction with the Israeli populace and may pose a challenge if you are not fluent in Hebrew.

Can I Still Do Ulpan for Free if I Make Aliyah after IsraelPro?

Absolutely! Our Hebrew ulpan has no impact on your eligibility for free Ulpan once you make aliyah.

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I Want to Switch Careers. Will IsraelPro Help?

It is definitely possible to explore a different field than your own on IsraelPro! However, having a background in a specific field increases the likelihood of receiving an internship in that field. Skills, experience, and background are key factors in attaining any internship on IsraelPro. If you wish to intern in a field in which you have no experience, you may have to begin with an entry level position. IsraelPro seeks to provide you with opportunities and experiences that will be most beneficial to you and your career.

What Kind of Support Will I Receive from IsraelPro ?

IsraelPro coordinators are in constant contact with you and with the internship placement to make sure both sides are satisfied. The coordinators send your internship your entire schedule so that the internship is aware of your extra activities. If there are minor issues between you and the internship placement (usually deriving from cultural differences), the coordinator will help you resolve them. If in the rare case things do not work out between you and the internship placement, the coordinator will find you a new placement.

Can I Switch My Internship Once I Start?

If after a short period of time you find that the internship placement does not meet your expectations, we will find you a new placement. Please keep in mind, the longer you wait, the harder it will be to find a meaningful internship.  As a general rule, we do not encourage participants to switch internships in the middle of the program. Internship placements prefer candidates who are able to commit to a significant period of time because of the intense training and mentoring involved. Interning with one company for the allotted 5 month period will also look better on your resume. However, if a participant feels that his internship placement does not meet the criteria the IsraelPro staff will do its best to coordinate an alternative.

What if I'm Let Go From My Internship?

If your behavior was the cause of the termination of the previous internship – being late, rude or unprofessional – it will be your own responsibility to find a new internship placement. If you’re let go for another reason, we will work hard to find a new opportunity.

Will I Meet My Internship Supervisor Before I Start?

Yes - IsraelPro will arrange a meeting between you and your internship option(s) - in person or over Skype-  to see if the placement is a suitable fit – for both you and the organization.

Will My Internship Lead to a Job Offer?

Totally possible! Many of our participants (up to 50%!) have received job offers from their internship placements and are still working for them either in Israel or in their home countries.


Exploring and Activities

What Kind of Informal Activities Will We Do?

IsraelPro is the only post-college program that offers weekly classes and monthly field trips, along with occasional overnight trips, speakers, holiday celebrations, and parties. On top of those program activities, your madrich (counselor) will help you put together activities according to the interests of your specific group – be it a football match, joint learning of Jewish texts, or meeting with Israeli soldiers. Programming is offered 2-3 nights every month.

Are Activities and Trips Mandatory? I like Relaxing!

During the first month of the program all activities are mandatory in order for participants to be exposed to the different options IsraelPro offers. After the first month, you can choose to join a class, a field trip, or any other activity. The only mandatory activity throughout the program is attending a group meeting once a month. This is your time to meet as a community, to pass along information, and to discuss burning issues.

What am I Doing in my Freetime?

IsraelPro accommodations in Haifa and Tel-Aviv are conveniently located close to the cultural centers of the cities. During free time, participants are encouraged to explore the many cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, theaters, shops, beaches, and more. Over the weekends, further exploring can be done around the country including camping, hiking, and other leisure activities. IsraelPro employs a weekend consultant who can help participants plan their time effectively.

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Where Will I Live on IsraelPro?

In Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, IsraelPro participants live in fully-furnished apartments.

What Are the Living Arrangements

IsraelPro participants live in apartments suitable for 4-8 people. Each apartment has at least two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living area. Participants should expect to share a room. The apartments are furnished with basic items – beds, closets, sofas, table and chairs, and all kitchen equipment needed to live comfortably.

Please note that apartments in Israel may have lower standards than what some participants are used to. Tel Aviv and Haifa are major cities, and like in many major cities, buildings are usually older and a bit run down. However, the apartment locations in each city are second to none.

Can I Get a Single Room on IsraelPro?

If you would like to apply for a single room, you need to mark it on the online application form and pay an additional fee.

A few days before the program begins, when we know for sure how many participants we are expecting and how many of them have requested a single room, we will have a lottery between all those who have asked for a single room.

Can I Live On My Own and Get a Housing Discount?

No. The program has a fixed price and all participants pay the same amount whether they live in program housing or not.



What's the Weather Like in Tel Aviv and Haifa?

Tel Aviv and Haifa are very hot and humid in the summers. In the winter, most days are pleasant and mild with some periods of rain and chilly temperatures.

How Will I Do Laundry?

Participants do their laundry in one of the local laundromats. For a small fee, participants can leave their laundry with the laundromat to wash, dry, and fold for them.

How Does Transportation Work?

You will receive a monthly bus pass that provides free transportation within the city of your program choice. In addition, there are direct buses from all cities to almost anywhere in the country.

Are There Gym Facilities?

There are local membership gyms nearby the apartments in both cities.

What Security Measures does IsraelPro Take?

IsraelPro arranges for all proper security measures on every excursion, including an armed escort and medic when necessary. We encourage participants not to visit potentially dangerous areas such as the West Bank while in Israel. Further security instructions are given upon arrival to the program.

What Do I Do About a Cell Phone?

All IsraelPro participants MUST have a cell phone.

There are two options for getting a cell phone while on IsraelPro. You can either arrange for yourself a monthly contract with any of Israel’s cell phone companies or you can rent a cell phone from Israel Phones. The monthly contract is usually cheaper per minute and is better for smart-phones. Israel Phones allows participants to call each other free of charge and also offers special rates for overseas calls.

Israel Phone can be arranged in advance. Israeli cell phone companies do not have English versions of their website. However, once you are in Israel, every city has a customer service center with English speaking representatives.

What About Banking?

The banks in all cities offer all of the banking services that you’ll need including ATM machines.

If you wish to open a bank account in Israel, it is highly recommended to contact the bank in advance to find out what kind of documents you will need. In most cases, two identification cards with pictures on them will be enough, but some banks may want to see a transcript from your home bank.

It is highly recommended you bring enough cash for the first two weeks of the program in the event that there’s a problem with your credit card or bank account.

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What Measures Does IsraelPro Take to Keep Interns Safe?

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have been in constant communication with the Ministry of Health, Home Front Command, and other health and education entities responsible for providing oversight and directives. Whatever rules or guidelines any Israeli institution is required to do, Young Judaea follows them. Each new instruction is explained clearly to participants and the staff entrusted with their care.

Are Companies Still Looking for Interns?

Yes! We have already had several placements for our current applicants and the rest of our applicants are in interviews. Although the internship placement process might take a bit longer than normal, companies are still just as excited as ever to have interns.

Are Trips and Ulpans Cancelled Because of Covid-19?

No. At first, we moved all of our programming online. Ulpan and weekly workshops were still a part of the program even if we couldn’t physically meet. As restrictions start lifing, we will resume weekly trips.

Have Any Participants Contracted Covid-19?

Thankfully, no Young Judaea participants on any program, including IsraelPro, have contracted COVID-19. Our early adoption and rigorous adherence to all directives, as well as continual oversight, have been critical in this matter – but so has the cooperation of our participants, who have adapted amazingly to all the new instructions.

What Happens if a Participant Gets Covid-19?

Any sick participants would be provided the appropriate accommodations, according to the Israeli Ministry of Health’s guidelines and separated from the rest of the group, but would still be helped and monitored by IsraelPro staff and the proper medical authorities.

Will I Be Isolated From Others on IsraelPro?

No - we are a family! Or rather, two families. The participants in our Haifa and Tel Aviv apartments are a family unit. As such, they can share kitchens and meals, work out together, do activities together, learn together, and have fun together. Outside of the apartments, we abide by all rules and restrictions as they apply to the Israeli public.

Can You Guarantee That IsraelPro Spring 2021 Will Run?

There are no trip providers who can give you a 100% guarantee that their program will run as planned this fall – it would be irresponsible to do so, particularly given the fluidity of the ongoing situation.

With that being said, we believe and are confident that IsraelPro Spring 2021 will run as planned, perhaps with a few modifications and with an opening mandatory quarantine period.

Will I Be Allowed Entry to Israel?

Yes! The Israeli government allows participants of Masa programs to enter the country if they acquire the Masa Visa before arrival to the country. This means that even if the borders are shut to non-citizens, you will still be allowed to come.

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