Tamar Zer-Aviv: Program coordinator

Tamar is 28 years old, lives in Tel Aviv, originally from Kefar-Sava. She has a B.A in Social work from The Tel-Hai collage in the far North (the Lebanon border).

Tamar was involved in the youth movement of the Israeli scouts, did "shnat sherut" (gap year for volunteering) and became an officer in the IDF. After the service she moved to the Arava area in the dessert and worked as a youth leader.

She has traveled a lot in South America, Central America, USA, Europe and more. Tamar loves Salsa dancing and gymnastics, the outdoors, hiking, camping, her family and friends.

Wujsco@yji.org.il 052-8334283

Dafna Meller: Internship Coordinator

Dafna was born and raised on Moshav Beit-Zait near Jerusalem. She was involved in the local  youth movement. Her "shnat sherut" was at a homeless youth shelter.  She served in the IDF as an education counselor in an Air Force base close to Eilat.

Dafna holds a M.A in Sociology and Anthropology from The Tel Aviv University and a B.A from Sapir College in Social science and Economics. She has been involved in many Educational and Non-profit organizations in Israel.

Dafnam@yji.org.il 052-6039117

Irit Klein: Youth and Young Adults Deputy Director

Irit grew up in a Hashomer Hatzair kibbutz, and has been working in Jewish education for more than 15 years in Canada, Hungary and Israel. Irit studied in Education and history at Tel Aviv University, and then moved to Sweden to take part in Paideia- the European institute for Jewish studies in Stockholm. Irit has been a part of the Young Judaea family since 2011, where she worked with Young Judaea Birthright.

Irit now lives in Tel Aviv, and is working with all of Young Judaea Youth and Young Adults programs.

IritKlein@yji.org.il 052-6039193

Nadav Ben-Gal: Youth and Young Adults Program Director

Nadav joined the Young Judaea family in 2006 as a tour guide for the Teen Summer Programs. Since then, he worked in various positions in the movement, such as a tour guide for different programs and a young Shaliach to the West Coast. Two years ago, Nadav took a full time position, first, as the Teen Summer Programs manager and today he is the director of the Teen, Students and WUJS programs.

In his free time, he likes hiking, cooking and reading. Nadav is married to Neta, and is the very proud father of Noga and Yoav. Together they live happily in the city of Petach Tikvah.

nbengal@yji.org.il 052-3003114

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